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slide show not working - Image Slideshow | Forum

Piers J
Piers J Jan 3 '13
Nope , having installe dthis , the slide show plug in does not work at all.
cit27 Jan 27 '13
slideshow not working if users change the site language to: right to left" text directionof RTL languages available. ex: to arabic, farsi, etc. (The slideshow images not visible)-> Default site language is leftto right text direction..
The Forum post is edited by cit27 Jan 27 '13
Alia Team
Alia Feb 15 '13
cit27, I wasn't able to reproduce this issue. Is my understanding correct:

1. I have 2 languages on my site. German language is default one and has LtR direction.
2. English is second language and it has RtL direction.

When I switch between those two languages slideshow is working properly.

Have I missed something?
Thank you for your explanation in advance.
Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan Jun 22 '13

its not working on freshly installed 1.5.3 and even in the demo site..how can I make this work thanks its just blank image

Briton Jun 25 '13
I just purchased a package from Oxwalls recommended hosting page and am about to start setting up this brilliant script. (So thankful I found it!)

My only concern is this slideshow feature. I know how important it is to the younger users who want to add their own touch in the banners but I have yet to get it to work on the demo site. I tried a couple months back when I was looking at this script for the first time and then again a few more times last night and today with no luck.
I'm on a mac (not that it would matter) and have tried uploading in both Chrome and safari and it just sits there after I click upload with the orange loading circle spinning and never doing anything... 

I'm praying either this host recommended by oxwall or the 1.6 fixes this issue...  (Does any one know the ETA of 1.6?)

If anyone has found a quick fix for this slideshow issue please email me: BritonTS@Gmail.com - any help is greatly appreciated.

ross Team
ross Jun 26 '13
Can I have your domain name, please and admin access details? Please send them in the PM
Marius Aug 3 '13
yes, slide show not working  ...:(
Ray Willems
Ray Willems Aug 6 '13
I see a lot of comments about the bug for Windows explorer. Slideshow is still not showing the pictures in all versions from Windows Explorer. Is only showing the navigation buttons. On the demo-site from this app you can see by yourself. Changing the compabillety in IE helps. I can see the pictures, but the design from te site is destroid in that mode. Not only with the Facebookskin, also with the standart skin from Oxwall. Other browsers like mozilla and chrome no problems. I use 1.5.3. I was trying installing the latest javascript on my PC, but makes no differends. If somebody knows a solution, pls let me know...  Thanks in advance. Ray.
webcs Club
webcs Dec 13 '13
slide show not working
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