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Whats your astrological zodiac sign and birthstone? | Forum

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Peter Apr 9 '23
I dont usually go by whatever the horoscopes and all that say but i realize most people i get along with (and tend to fall for in terms of the opposite sex) are other Aquarius as well as Aries and Sagitarrius. I have Leo friends but theyre stubborn af. And Capricorns often break my heart. I have the Amethyst birthstone but prefer Pearls and Aquamarines.
Alex Hopkins
Alex Hopkins Apr 9 '23

It was a very good post indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it during my lunchtime. I will surely come and visit this blog more often. Thanks for sharing stumble guys

Alex Apr 10 '23
I'm a Virgo, to be honest, I don't find anything wrong with being a Virgo, astrologically everything works out perfectly. But everyone has their own thoughts on this. My birthstone is peridot, which, in my opinion, is an amazing color. I can honestly say that I am completely satisfied with my zodiac sign and my birthstone!
The Forum post is edited by Alex Apr 10 '23
Doral Bares
Doral Bares Apr 10 '23
I'm an Aquarius and my birthstone is amethyst. I like my sigb because its an air sign but I'm indifferent about my birthstone.
Ayo Delemar
Ayo Delemar Apr 10 '23
Hey there! My birthday is on August 9th. So my zodiac sign is Leo! According to this chart, my birthstone should be peridot, but to be honest, I've always been more into diamonds. As for my opinion on both, I don't really believe in the powers of birthstones or astrology, but I do find it fun to read about them from time to time. Speaking of astrology, I recently found some info about Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon, which is supposed to be a more accurate representation of my personality. Have you heard of it? Here's the link in case you're interested: https://www.trulydivine.com/sun-moon/leo-sun-with-scorpio-moon.