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How To Change User Account Types | Forum

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cit27 Jan 17 '13
I made 2 account types of membership options that can be selected by users when they sign up.
  • Free Member
  • Gold Member
For Example:
Aliaa and Michael sign up on my site as a FREE member. Then I as the admin wants to change their account type into Gold Member.

My Questions is
How do I change/edit the account type of user profile. because when i open the EDIT PROFILE DETAILSand try to edit. I did not find the account type (it was hidden).....

you can change all the users profile questions through the EDIT PROFILE DETAILS. but you cant change their account type...
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ed claassen
ed claassen Jan 17 '13
i think you have to go to the user profile and there is a button "change role"
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FaceTester Leader
FaceTester Jan 17 '13
as Admin, go into Profil of the user,
in the upcoming interface you see a Line above the profile, look right in the line there ist "change Role", click on it and you can take the User in the new/additional "Gold" Role.

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cit27 Jan 17 '13
i am sorry my bad english....Thanks for your response and for your help (ed claassen and Face Tester)..
i am not asking about (user role management or permission page ->also has the problem itself) but i am asking about account types.


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cit27 Jan 17 '13
for the moment I can change it through the database ... but a bit of a hassle to find a name in the database ...
would be very
nice if account types is also included in EDIT PROFILE DETAILS
FaceTester Leader
FaceTester Jan 17 '13
hhuuuiiiiiii.... yes you are right,
but i must check this more times or any of the oxwall-team can say the right solution near by

nice issue !

tracy Jan 19 '13
this is to answer your question Cit27 about account types and why you cannot change them through admin...

comment by Aliia:

"First of all, let me explain what the 'Account type' field is needed for.

Let's presume that your site is a business portal for potential employers and those who is looking for a job. So, there should be two different sets of profile questions separately for the employers and for those looking for job vacancies on your site. That's why you should create an additional Account type and select the different profile questions for it.
And if while searching you choose a certain Account type, you will see only those profile questions that had been set for this type. And there is no needed to change the 'Account type' field for multiple choices, because if you are an employer you will search only for the people looking for a job.
User Roles feature is a members' limitation. You can set the limit for each of the member roles. For example: You have two roles - 'Standard' and 'Gold'. A member with the 'Gold' role can read forum topics. But a member with the 'Standard' role can not do it, as his role limitations do not allow him to do that. You will be able to select the services that will be available for members with 'Standard' or 'Gold' roles."

cit27 Jan 19 '13
Tracy I got your point...
very difficult to explain in english ...

For example
☛ Tracy using oxwall for business portal website for fotensial empoleyer...then Tracy does not need to change their member account type...(But It does not hurt and it does not damage the Tracy business portal website...in giving it easy for Admin to change the account type...because its only features for the admin who has decision to change it or not)

☛Barrack Obama using oxwall for Uniquefamilies of presidential palace website...then he need to change his member account type for all of his staff

The goal of Admin is Full power (He can decide to build business website or others unique website)
because the goal of oxwall softaware is social networking site...
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tracy Jan 20 '13
very true
cit27 Jan 20 '13

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Unique Jan 20 '13

Quote from cit27

The goal of Admin is Full power (He can decide to build business website or others unique website)

love this ..that is true..
Alia Team
Alia Jan 23 '13
ci27, currently it is not possible to change user's account type once he is registered via the admin panel.
You can suggest this feature to UserVoice or do this via database.
cit27 Jan 23 '13
try to suggest
thank you
Daren Jun 18 '13
Super weird.
JC Aug 15 '13
I have same issue. Only some users apply for basic account when the should have business account... Now I have no way to rectify this user mistake... I am trying to find it in database but just learning this. Would be nice to be able as super admin privilege to change account at ones discretion. Keeps users burden down, by just allowing them to request an account change. Instead of creating a new account and deleting old account. They lose everything by starting over.
ross Team
ross Aug 19 '13
Alia +1