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Gets a 500 error when clicking the link for hot or not - Hot Or Not | Forum

Chris Jul 23 '13
Hi am am also getting a 500 error after install. Uploaded the .zip using admin section, activated the plugin, but when i click the hot or not link it throws a 500 error.

Here is the debug mode error log. How can I fix this issue?

OW Debug - Exception

Message: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column 'entityType' in on clause is ambiguous File: /home3/gilesy/public_html/www.cyprusswingersnetwork.com/ow_core/database.php Line: 331 Trace: #0 /home3/gilesy/public_html/www.cyprusswingersnetwork.com/ow_core/database.php(331): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home3/gilesy/public_html/www.cyprusswingersnetwork.com/ow_core/database.php(359): OW_Database->execute('SELECT * FROM `...', NULL) #2 /home3/gilesy/public_html//...hotphoto_service.php(90): OW_Database->queryForColumn('SELECT * FROM `...') #3 /home3/gilesy/public_html//...nts/random_photo.php(82): HOTPHOTO_BOL_HotphotoService->getNotRatedPhotoByUserId(1, 0) #4 /home3/gilesy/public_html//...controllers/rate.php(69): HOTPHOTO_CMP_RandomPhoto->__construct(Array) #5 [internal function]: HOTPHOTO_CTRL_Rate->index(Array) #6 /home3/gilesy/public_html/www.cyprusswingersnetwork.com/ow_core/request_handler.php(266): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(HOTPHOTO_CTRL_Rate), Array) #7 /home3/gilesy/public_html/www.cyprusswingersnetwork.com/ow_core/application.php(318): OW_RequestHandler->dispatch() #8 /home3/gilesy/public_html/www.cyprusswingersnetwork.com/index.php(65): OW_Application->handleRequest() #9 {main} Type: PDOException
dave Leader
dave Jul 24 '13

Chris hopefully he will reply soon but the error message 


" Column 'entityType' in on clause is ambiguous "  means that the name is not specifically addressed to the specific data.  In other words lets say that two tables have the same field.


table 1  has entityType

table 2  has entityType


If we join the two tables together in one lump of data we must specify so that the server knows what data we want.. Example    table1.entityType  or table2.entityType   if we just say entityType the server will toss that  ambiguous  error.


Hopefully the dev will fix that asap for you.

Chris Jul 30 '13
Still waiting for a fix for my issue.....
dave Leader
dave Jul 30 '13

Let me install it chris an see if i can help you.  By the way you prob should edit your post and remove the second item, never give out that info just do this home3/xxxxxx/public_html  it is a security issue.


Also why dont you go ahead and send Aliia a message and let her know the dev is not replying to you.  I will see if i can get this working in the mean time :)



dave Leader
dave Jul 30 '13

Aliia looks like is comming from here,   bol/hotphoto_service.php



LEFT JOIN `".OW_DB_PREFIX . 'base_rate'."` AS `rate`  ON ( `photo`.`id`=`rate`.`entityId` AND `entityType`='photo_rates')


It probably just needs a table prefix on the name.


maybe like this.


AND `rate`.`entityType`=`photo_rates`)


so the whole thing should look like this now


LEFT JOIN `".OW_DB_PREFIX . 'base_rate'."` AS `rate` ON ( `photo`.`id`=`rate`.`entityId` AND `rate`.`entityType`='photo_rates')


Chris give that a try buddy. :)



ps. i also sent a message to the dev



UPDATE well i installed it and no errors at all.   But here is the table layout just to save you some time Aliia or Dixie or any team member or dev.  Its not going to hurt to add the prefix there anyway.


I add the prefix and its working fine, no difference either way, but maybe it might help chris.


table name is   ow_base_rate  and fields are   id -  entityType -  entityId -  score - timeStamp -  active 


Also in ow_plugins/hotphoto/views/components/random_photo.html   430 is a much better width otherwise the header bar bleads into the photo.  So change both widths to 430 if you want..

The Forum post is edited by dave Jul 30 '13
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