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FTP problem | Forum

Stuart Feb 3 '13
Time for another bump, any body else with ftp update errors?
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 4 '13
We cannot resolve this issue unless we have enough details on how to reproduce the issue. It looks like a server side settings that don't let Oxwall work properly.
Stuart Feb 4 '13
What do you require?

Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 4 '13
We would need access to a server where the issue you are reporting could be reproduced. But I don't think it is possible in your case - you are using your local machine as server, right?
Stuart Feb 5 '13
Public IP Micheal I will forward details. Thanks. So it is isolated to me ? I was just interested in logs from others just to see.
Michael I.
Michael I. Feb 8 '13
Waiting for updated details from you as I couldn't access your server. Will try to reproduce the issue either on weekend or on Monday.
Randy Apr 13 '15
Since this seems to be a very popular issue regarding Ampps, I'm going to guess that you should probably sticky this.

I ran into the same issue using Ampps, and it's a pretty easy fix. The trouble comes from Ampps being so easy to use, you never think you'll have to adjust very much within it. Come to find out, sometimes you do.

When you create your FTP accounts within Ampps, you'll need to play close attention to what directory you are giving the account access too. By default it's usually not the right directory that is listed. For example, sometimes in the directory box you will find this - Ampps/www/admin. You don't want that. You need to grant access to your oxwall install directory. Other times you may look in that box and see that it instead says Ampps/www/. This may or may not be correct either. If you go to your website by simply typing in "localhost" in the address bar, then this is okay, and should work. BUT... since "by default" ampps is going to install Oxwall into a folder name "oxwall", that is what the directory of your FTP account should be pointed to. So in that directory input field for the FTP account that you create, "make sure" that it says C:/Program Files (x86)/Ampps/www/oxwall

I am going to guess that this is the trouble everyone is having, and will fix the problem.

ross Team
ross Apr 13 '15
Thanks for sharing Randy. 
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