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change limit of drop down box values | Forum

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Vishnu Hari
Vishnu Hari Jan 26 '13

Hi friends I want to add Birth Country(drop down box 246 countries) to profile question

but 31 values for Profile Questions is not enough for Country list Is their any way change limit of drop down box values from 31 values to 300 

Alia Team
Alia Jan 27 '13
Vishuu, currently it is not possible using the "drop down" type of field.
We are working on developing the new solution for "Country" field.
It will be released within one of the next builds.
Vishnu Hari
Vishnu Hari Jan 28 '13
Great to hear that thank you Aliia !
Łukasz Feb 5 '13

Any news about update changing values limit, maybe eta?;) I'm asking because this limit is very important to me too, can't launch my site - one of profile questions is essential for my site and I need about 100 values :<

Is there any way to change it myself, in mysql database or something?

Vishnu Hari
Vishnu Hari Feb 5 '13
Hi, friend i already try to change the coding but i got error. 
Łukasz Feb 6 '13
Thats not good :< Probably we just can't change it without developers help.
Vishnu Hari
Vishnu Hari Feb 11 '13
please help me.......

is there any other way to add country list to my site.

I am using text field for the question Birth Country. now I got new members from other countries but they are writing joke on this field........

Alia Team
Alia Feb 12 '13
Vishnu, unfortunately this development was not completed yet.

>>is there any other way to add country list to my site.

Is it crucial to have a list? You might want to consider using a simple input box, where users will enter their country manually.
DavidZenry Mar 30 '13
Is there any particular reason why there is a limit on drop-downs?

Seems very odd to do this, since the reason they exist in the first place is for long lists (i.e country/town/city)
Alia Team
Alia Apr 1 '13
DavidZenry , I have tried to give detailed explanation of this here: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/379?page=1#post-46609
MacProcess Dec 1 '14
Why no news about this ? I cannot believe that you cannot enter a list of countries in such software
ross Team
ross Dec 1 '14
Mac, Oxwall is a small team and we do our best to fillfull users' needs. However we have more important cases to fix and develop. 

if it is so must-have feature for your website you may consider obtaining a plugin from the store like google maps location. 

Vishnu Hari
Vishnu Hari Dec 2 '14
Hey try Country flag plugin