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How to update? | Forum

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Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte Mar 18 '11
Hello. How to update oxwall on admin panel
The Forum post is edited by Napoleon Bonaparte Mar 19 '11
Den Team
Den Mar 21 '11
Here is the instructions for update.
Amanda Mar 21 '11
I tried those instructions and failed..what should I do..I have a wall.fm site...and I tried everything from mysitename.wall.fm/om_update to wall.fm.mysitename/om_update and so on ...please help..need the update and a data importer app that I downloaded too to be uploaded as well..if you could help you would get 10 plus love!!!
Den Team
Den Mar 22 '11
Hi Amanda. Let's start to fix it step by step :) What is your first problem?
Amanda Mar 23 '11
ok slightly newer problem ..now that I have your attention please...I'm trying to upload the data importer onto my site..just registered it as a dot com and am hosting it though host gator just to give you some background...installed the oxwall program with the lovely help from host gator...and now am having trouble uploading to my site through admin don't know what they mean by error message
something about a Ftt address..I get to the second part of uploading basicly and I am stuck....I don't know which of fifty passwords to give it...or who the local host is and so on could you please help?
Den Team
Den Mar 24 '11
Sorry Amanda, but I didn't understand you :) What error do you have with data importer?
Amanda Mar 24 '11
sorry scratch that...you're right...I have no tongue for this stuffs....newer problem..and it keeps on coming ..so I've figured out how to get said data importer onto site..but now here is an easy question and straight forward question for ya where EXACTLY do I insert the salt into the coding in the ow_includes/config.php file???? can't figure that out for the life of me..tried it 3 different ways..won't work...help!!! lost and confused in the big techno world...yelp…
Den Team
Den Mar 29 '11
Hey Amanda!
In any place of config.php, from new line, paste this code:
define('OW_PASSWORD_SALT', 'your_own_salt');

where your own_salt is the salt, which you was provided on wall.fm
John Mud
John Mud Oct 9 '23

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