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benko Zoltan
benko Zoltan Feb 3 '13
Here are the thing's i cant find in the oxwall docs..

1.How to create something like: <?php if(loged in){code}else{other code} ?>>
2.automatically assign user role to account type when signing up
3.rename "my profile" according to profile type ex. dog: dog's profile cat:cat's profile.
4.adding country when signing up and searching.

5.This is the hardest one: I would like one of my two account types to have categories when signing up and searching (ex.if i sign up as a pet i can select what kind of animal I am) this is easy but the problem is i relay need subcategory's.. So if i select a category a subcategory selection appears and i can select subcategory...Chained selection..
(I really need this function).. here are some examples: ex1 ex2

I was also thinking about creating main categories (profile questions>single choice drop down) for subcategories and adding them in a static chained selection so it would look like a subcategory but I don't know how to ad this static thing to the signup ad search...

Thank you in advance !
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Purusothaman Ramanujam
1) Oxwall users MVC design pattern and you can use this logic either in php or using smarty.

3) Search for the string and change at www.site.com/admin/dev-tools/languages

4) Only 31 values are supported for profile questions.

5) Its possible by making profile questions aligned with your account type.

PS: These kind of question should be posted in general section of the forum and not in design.