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Please release patch adding more than 31 values in question field | Forum

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Łukasz Feb 9 '13

Dear oxwall team,

please release just small update, which will fix limit with only 31 values of droplist on question field. In my case, I need about 100 values in one of main question fields on my site before I can even launch it public.

I read that you're working on some kind of field without this limit, can you tell us when this will be available to download? Thanks for any info!

Ronnel DC
Ronnel DC Feb 9 '13
Oxwall said it's too hard to patch this , because of the code structure and how oxwall is being run.
they said it is running on MVC style
Łukasz Feb 9 '13
Right, but they said also about working on new field working other way, but without limit - this is what I hope for ;)
TonyKa Mar 17 '18
any news on that?

is it possible to expand to 130 values that i need ? (instead of 31 currently)?


Oxwall Türkiye
Oxwall Türkiye Mar 25 '18
You need to change the code for the 31 value in the profile question field. I can give special help for this situation.
Oxwall Germany Club
Oxwall Germany Sep 21 '18
It is already possible to add more than 31 values for a profile question. Simply choose "Single Choice - Regular (Slower results, unlimited)".