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smoking an the sleeve? | Forum

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idayrare corded
idayrare corded Nov 13 '23
I quit smoking in 2005 and promptly gained TWO HUNDRED + pounds in a little over a year. I am very high strung and anxious and I just ate instead of sucked on a cig in times of stress, when angry, anxious etc I simply could NOT lose it. I got so fed up I decided I would smoke just a little to se what would happen. Well from feb 2015 to dec 2017 i went from 390s to 225! so i lost approx 170 lbs in 2 1/2 years. i didn't even *try* all that hard. the smoking just naturally replaced BINGEING which is my problem. i still had "structured" "planned" mini extra calorie meals...usually a SMALL 10" pizza and a dessert. One baked good: a brownie, cookie, croissant etc i even weighed the pizza and then took online calorie values from a few sources ..I had to get them from franchise places since mom & pop establishments do not post calories. i figured a pizza is basically 3 ingredients: dough, sauce, cheese. of course the ratios may change but more or less the same calories per oz i averaged slices from sbarro, domino's and a few frozen pizzas. i took their serving size calories and divided by weight for calories per oz i then took the average. then to be safe, i even rounded it UP...so 63 calories / oz became 70 calories / oz and my 18 1/2 oz pizza was rounded up to 20 oz! this was all to try to see what i culd eat and still lose. i was trying to eat a little and be mindful of it..too many people blow a week or weeks w binges on their "free day" so came up w a 20 oz pizza at 70 cals / oz = 1,400 and add in a dessert usually about 400-500. I was eating 2,000 on my "free day" that one meal. Not crazy by any means ! but w that friday treat I could do low cal with very few flubs the rest o the week leading to friday. As I got to 225ish..(my normal maintanbale weight was 165-170), i decided i should quit smoking and focus on exercise. from 390 to 225 i hadn't exercised at all. none. it was all about overcoming my food addiction/binge behavior and i even learned to work in a treat once a week in responsible way ! a SMALL pizza, NO extra cheese or fatty meats (pepperoni etc) dessert was small and packaged so I could see nutrition or from starbucks. ONE baked good. I quit smoking a few months after Christmas 2017....so spring 2018. I proceeded to gain it all back ! Fast forward to Fall 2019. I get serious. I seek an appetite suppressant. I am denied due to my blood pressure and heart rate. I try no carbs as I had a friend who did ok w cutting out carbs. I did "ok" for about 2-3 weeks. I would lose 10-20 and then slowly gain it back over and over. Finally in JAN of 2020 i decided to look into bariatric surgery,.,.... I go to mandatory info seminar & sign up immediately. i am sicking of being fat. I go to get my GI x-rays, do the breath test for stomach bacteria, take my anti biotics, start to move, make some modifications, count my sodas, smaller portions, chewing, i plan to get no straw, no caffeine and no drinking w meals etc I am 3 months into this and anticipate surgery in AUGUST. BUT..I cannot lose any weight ! I do great for a few weeks and gain it right back AND i binge ! my A1C was 7.5 in feb and i was ding much better than now. They will NOT operate if I am over 8 A1C and insurance wants me to weigh less and less as I approach surgery. I have actually now gained and am heavier than when I first checked in w Dr, I'm not sure of my A1C but wouldn't be surprised if it is over 8 which would disqualify me. SO....I am considering SMOKING at least up until surgery..2 or 2 1/2 months just to get a hold of this urge to eat. Now I do not want responses abot mediation, yoga, deep breathing and "other ways to manage stress" other than eating or smoing. This is a life long struggle..I have done it all and Im not asking for tips. What I *AM* asking is did anyone smoke prior to surgery? how long before surgery did you quit? how long after surgery did you start again? I quit to avoid heart attack, heart disease, difficuluty breathing, stroke and cost ! well, now 200 lbs heavier..i'm at risk for heart disease, stroke, i have sleep apnea, and type 2 diabetes and i spend more on mcdonald's than i did on cigarettes to be honest i wish i never quit...i have lost 10 years from early 40s to early 50s..what should be quality yrs of my life..lost to being obese!@ I had a tummy tuck in 1997 after i gained and lost 100 lbs...also after i quit smoking! they had me quit just 2-3 weeks prior to surgery,. that was for healing and breathing for anesthesia. I just see NO SMOKING on list and the pulmonolgist asked abouyt my smoking history. I don;'t want to be kicked out of the program and I dont want surgery delayed. But i am having a hatime w the eating..all the appointments, blood work, phone calls, 100 mi travel to dr, video calls, emails, verifying appts and requesting med records from past provider this is a full time job just preparing for surge and i do NOT deal w phones, mssgs and the likes well at all. the whole thin is totally stressing me out and annoying me and I dislike a few of my providers for their arrogance and condescending way they speak to me. like i don't know being 200 lbs overweight is bad, expensive and that fish is better for me than a pan of brownies..oh really? thanks for he insight..i was wondering why i was 375 LBS ! on and on..and "stop when you are full" which is the most maddening. I am not nearly 400 lbs because i dont "stop when full" it's because i do not even HAVE that sensation. i have been to weigh loss clinics and met people bigger than i am and been overweight their whole lives and NOT ONE of them is morbidly obese because they ate when they werent hungry ! we use food as a drug, coping mechanism, or downright gluttony..for me it is stress reliever i dont drink booze or have anything else that cuts my nerves like eating junk fod in quantity OR toking on a cig! I think mgoing to smoke if only for a few months and get my good momentum going any experiences smoking?? again, nit looking for advice on not smoking or how bad it is...believe me i know ! m just trying to lose some weight so i can get surgery and try to STOP this bad momentum i have been unable to break for over a decade with the exception of the 2 1/2 yrs i smoked ! so is it dangerous? why? what about surgery they have you quit? anyone smoke prior to surgery or shortly after i would like to do it for a few months before and maybe after..tho everyone says i wont want to even eat after so thats good ! thoughts?
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Rajesh Rajpo
Rajesh Rajpo Nov 13 '23
Never been a smoker so really can't answer your question except to say my surgeon will not operate on a smoker. You must quit before surgery. Probably the best reason now to quit smoking is COVID. Smoking and being obese are 2 of the major risk factors. Do it for your health! Do it for those who care about you.

After surgery you will not be physically able to overeat. It felt like one more bite and I'd die!! Early on you will never have to worry about quitting when full.
William Hopster
William Hopster Nov 13 '23
As you continue on your journey toward surgery and better health, it's essential to prioritize your well-being. Remember that there are numerous resources and communities out there that can provide guidance and support.

And if you're ever in need of a relaxing activity, you might want to consider something like indulging in a hobby, going for a walk, or even checking out some cool bubblers products, known for their high quality and craftsmanship. These can provide a bit of distraction and relaxation, minus the health risks associated with smoking.
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