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photo problem... | Forum

Michael Leader
Michael Apr 4 '11
A user uploaded an image that was smaller than 1MB in size but the long side of the image was greater than 3000px. This seems to create a photo uploaded but it is not visible or editable so the user nor admin can delete.
The only way to kill this image is to remove it's reference from the database in ow_photo.
Removing this image left a gap still and nw shows that the image was uploaded by "deleted user"
I have done this before but this time for some reason I have a fragment left behind.

Is there any way I can remove this? can you detail a query I can run that will show up any images that cannot be traced to a user by their userid and/or albumid?

Not a big issue, just annoying. It will move along later and not be a problem. It just bugs me!

Den Team
Den Apr 5 '11
Hi Michael
You must be able to delete this image as admin/moderator. Do you see "delete" button on photo's view page?
Michael Leader
Michael Apr 9 '11
No I could not.
As it happens, since going to 1.1 I was able to remove it.
Claude Feb 27 '12
hi my photo area does not work at all. visit the website www.xpozstation.com and try to upload the picture and see. please help me ....
Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 1 '12
Are you receiving any errors? What happens when you uploading a photo? Provide us with more information so that we could help.