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i got a strange error when i install oxwall | Forum

shawnfung Apr 6 '11
hi guys~.
i want install oxwall in my ubuntu 10.04(use xampp 1.7.4 for linux),but after i input http://localhost/owall/install in my browser i got a error output:Use of undefined constant OW_URL_STATIC -assumed 'OW_URL_STATIC' in /opt/lampp/htdocs/ow/ow_includes/define.php on line 30. i also got other similar errors which mean constant not defined in define.php.
i don't know why this happen:'( how to resolve it?,did i make some mistake?i need your help! btw im a student in china and my english is not very well,i hope you can understand what i say.thanks for your help!
  myerror.jpg (176.02Kb)
Den Team
Den Apr 7 '11
On your screenshot I see that you typed http://localhost/ow without install.
You need to type it as http://localhost/ow/install
shawnfung Apr 7 '11
thanks for your reply addenster :), i retry to use http://localhost/ow/install but the same error happen. but i can install it success in windows XP. so maybe it 's my environmental issue. i decide to reset my ubuntu or change another version.i hope it can resolve my problem.thx for your help again!
shawnfung Apr 8 '11
hi all~
i think i have resolved my problem. if i ignore the error output and just finish the install wizard step by step i also can install oxwall success. it's working on my ubuntu now!!! lol :)
Den Team
Den Apr 9 '11
When you typed installation URL corruptly and you still see such error, this mean that you have error_reporting in E_ALL value in your php.ini settings. Change it to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
shawnfung Apr 10 '11
thx Addenster. you are right! the error_reporting in my php.ini is set to "E_ALL | E_STATIC". now i change it to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE as you say and it fix my problem. thanks for your help and thanks for oxwall group's hard working. i like oxwall and i wanna use it to build a SNS website for my college :)
Den Team
Den Apr 11 '11
You are welcome. Goodluck with your site :)
Den Team
Den Nov 21 '11
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