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The Sweet Side of China: A Journey Through Chinese Candy | Forum

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ppyadv48 Jan 7

The Sweet Side of China: A Journey Through Chinese Candy

China, a country rich in history and culture, is also home to a variety of unique and delicious candies. These sweet treats, often enjoyed during festivals, celebrations, or simply as a daily indulgence, offer a glimpse into the country’s culinary traditions.To get more news about chinese candy, you can visit shine news official website.

One of the most popular candies in China is the Hawthorn Candy. Made from the hawthorn fruit and sugar, this traditional Chinese candy appears to be paper-thin wafers. The candy assumes a dark pink or purple color and it’s usually formed in cylindrical discs1. It leaves you with a tangy aftertaste, and has a sweet and tart taste that gets you hooked up.

Another beloved candy is the Chinese Plum Candy. Described as the plum hard candy or dried plum sweets, they feature a strong flavor or better said light and sweet flavor. It appears to be a tart that gives you the whole flavor through the eating process1. You can feel that chewy central part.

Lastly, there’s the Chinese Good Luck Candy. In accordance with Chinese traditional ceremonies, the new year is one important day in the Chinese calendar. During this time, there are rituals to be done along with food eaten1. Everything done on that day is about wishing everyone a lucky new year. The essence of it being the lucky year message1. It features the strawberry flavored sweets that are individually packed in beautiful red wrappers.

In conclusion, Chinese candies offer a sweet journey through the country’s rich culinary traditions. Whether it’s the tangy Hawthorn Candy, the flavorful Chinese Plum Candy, or the auspicious Good Luck Candy, each treat tells a story of China’s culture and history.