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Remove Delete User | Forum

matt Mar 5 '13
Hi, Our mods have inaccurate fingers! Does someone know/ can someone please explain how to remove the 'Delete User' option from the Newsfeed? Thanks! Matt
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Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 11 '13
You might want to look into the /ow_plugins/newsfeed/classes/event_handler.php file.
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matt Mar 11 '13
Thanks bro!

adminnoah Oct 29 '13
on /ow_plugins/newsfeed/classes/event_handler.php file. witch code i will delete to see only the " delete post " and remove the " delete user " on newsfeed?
Alia Team
Alia Oct 30 '13
Answering your PM to me.
Try deleting following piece of code:

if ( in_array($params['feedType'], array('site', 'my')) && $actionUserId != OW::getUser()->getId() && OW::getUser()->isAuthorized('base') )
            $callbackUrl = OW_URL_HOME . OW::getRequest()->getRequestUri();

            array_unshift($data['contextMenu'], array(
                'label' => OW::getLanguage()->text('newsfeed', 'delete_feed_item_user_label'),
                'attributes' => array(
                    'onclick' => UTIL_JsGenerator::composeJsString('OW.Users.deleteUser({$userId}, \'' . $callbackUrl . '\', true);', array(
                        'userId' => $actionUserId

NOTE: You are doing any custom code modifications at your own risk. Therefore make a backup of the file you are editing and always keep track of what and where you are changing.

After changes are done test everything throughly.

adminnoah Oct 30 '13
It's working on newsfeed post, delete user is gone, but something is showing on comment it show the " delete user" please help to remove the "delete user" on comment area,
S. Bourdon
S. Bourdon Oct 30 '13
Thanks Aliia!

And to remove «Delete user» option from comments (and only keep «Delete comment»), here's what I did:

In ow_system_plugins\base\components\comments_list.php

Remove (or comment out):

                if ( $isBaseModerator && $value->getUserId() != OW::getUser()->getId() )


                    $modAction = new BASE_ContextAction();

                    $modAction->setLabel($language->text('base', 'contex_action_user_delete_label'));



                    $delId = 'udel-' . $value->getId();


                    $actionArray['users'][$delId] = $value->getUserId();



Hope this helps!

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adminnoah Oct 30 '13
Thank you so much Mr Bourdon.., excellence...,
adminnoah Oct 30 '13
- where can i find myoxwall.com/my-profile page file so i can edit this user name on profile page

- where can i delete or hide " delete " button on profile page?

Daisy Team
Daisy Nov 1 '13

Quote from adminnoah - where can i find myoxwall.com/my-profile page file so i can edit this user name on profile page and

Could you explain in more details what you want to do.

Quote from adminnoah - where can i delete or hide " delete " button on profile page?

Go to /ow_system_plugins/base/init.php file and comment the following string:

OW::getEventManager()->bind(BASE_CMP_ProfileActionToolbar::EVENT_NAME, 'base_elst_delete_user_action_tool');

But, we strongly recommend not to modify the core files since it will lead to the changes loss if you decide to update your core files.
adminnoah Nov 1 '13
Edit username where can i find the file to edit user name on profile page, how i can explain this, ok i want to put like button on there profile page but not working sample: {$username} or {$ownername} and i want to put on my sample code
<fb:like href="http://www.mywebsite.com/index.php?dj=?{$ownername}'" layout="standard" show-faces="true" width="450" action="like" colorscheme="light" />
because i try another fb like button on profile page it's working for 
another user to view the correct link
but on owner profile when he view her profile he will see the link
please help i know you get what i am talking about, thank you ^_^
adminnoah Nov 1 '13
^_^ Sorry for my explaination, hope you can get it, thank you
Daisy Team
Daisy Nov 6 '13
Ok, seems I got you. Facebook shows the http://mywebsite.com/home/my-profile page because you are staying on it. If you click your username in the console or browse your profile from the users list, the URL to your profile page will be http://mywebsite.com/home/owner and Facebook share button will work correctly.
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adminnoah Nov 6 '13
So what is solution for this and how i to make it?


Daisy Team
Daisy Nov 6 '13
Adminnoah, what is the version of oxwall software you are using? If you are using 1.5.3 version, you should not have this problem.

When you browse your profile from anywhere - you should always get http://mywebsite.com/home/owner URL, but not http://mywebsite.com/home/my-profile, so the problem should not exist. You can receive the http://mywebsite.com/home/my-profile URL only after you have customized your profile page. So, I cannot see the problem.

Hmm.... Seems I took you wrong. Please clarify.
matt Jan 22 '15

Could a dev/team member please give some hint as to how we might do the same for the group members view?