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Moving existing Oxwall to different URL same provider[Solved] | Forum

John Mar 5 '13
I have been attempting to figure out how to move my existing oxwall site and content to a different url (but still under the same service provider).  Currently I just have the site redirect to the old url, but would like to make it so it's just under the new url I have purchased.  I attempted to copy files over, but that did not quite work.  Although some content showed up, it certainly wasn't right (I'm assuming has something to do with the sql database). 
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Pete Mar 6 '13
 Chech your config file as you need to edit your new  settings,etc,make sure you have the correct settings,also check you htacess file in your oxwall
The Forum post is edited by Pete Mar 6 '13
Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 6 '13
John, all you need is to indicate correct URL in the /ow_includes/config.php file and give your site some time to renew existing content from the Newsfeed as old links won't work properly after you change the URL.
John Mar 6 '13
Thank you all for your help
Juan Jose Melara
Juan Jose Melara Feb 10 '14
can you help me? I created a sub-domain and need the site form the main domain to the new sub-domain. Can you tell me if I have to work with the database?
ross Team
ross Feb 11 '14
No need to do anything with the database, just move the file to the subfolder and change URL in define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://site.com/subdomain/'); //new site URL
Juan Jose Melara
Juan Jose Melara Feb 11 '14
THANKS! You made my day...!!
ross Team
ross Feb 11 '14
No problem