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John Feb 19
The "athletic performance in your 40's" thread is all over the place, so hopefully it's OK if I made a sister thread for this aspect of getting old... 99% percent of supplements seem like MLM bullshit, so it's hard to wade through what might actually be helpful. Right now I'm really interested in anti inflammatory stuff like turmeric, but is it best as a pill, tincture, or drink? How much is the right amount, does the cheap stuff work just as well, etc? How about that mushroom coffee stuff? Daily stuff like athletic greens?

Whatcha got, mags?

Edit- Also, why the hell didn't my spellcheck go off on that horrible misspelling?
Brittany Wang
Brittany Wang Feb 19
Things with proven, non-negligible benefits in actual human studies:

-Creatine monohydrate
-Beta alanine
-Vit D
-Protein (as needed to hit 30 g/meal and 0.75-1 g/lb of BW per day)
-Collagen (40+ only)

Things with very promising animal model data that will probably translate to benefits for humans (mostly geezers, if you're under 40 don't bother):

Alyvia Lynn
Alyvia Lynn Feb 19
For anti-inflammatory stuff like turmeric, I've found pills to be the most convenient. As for dosage, it can vary, but starting with the recommended amount on the label is a good bet.Mushroom coffee's been getting some buzz lately, but I haven't tried it myself. It might be worth a shot if you're curious, though! As for daily greens, Athletic Greens gets rave reviews, but I haven't personally jumped on that train.Oh, and spellcheck's got a mind of its own sometimes - can't always rely on it! Speaking of reliability, have you checked out Sarms Mexico? Heard they offer natural and budget-friendly options that might be worth a look.