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Moving to LA - what do I need to know? | Forum

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John Feb 19
I have a 1998 4runner, 5spd, 4 cyl. I've had it since 1998 so I know the maintenance that's gone into it. I've never had anything catastrophic happen -- i've been on top of all fluid changes like clockwork, and replaced the belts twice now. I had to change a starter and grease the zerks a few years ago -- nothing else. I have about 160K miles on it.

I have two questions for the experts here:

1) Is there any maintenance I need to do now to prevent a possible catastrophe to the car when I move? Like water pump or something? Everything is working fine..

2) given that I'm going from a very rural part of the country (rural Colorado) with long roads and very little stop and go, to a very stop-and-go part of the country, would you seriously consider selling your 4runner for a newer generation model that's more reliable?

thanks all
Alex Marks
Alex Marks Feb 19
Ya man that thing is toast out here for sure. You'll need to get rid of it as soon as you get here. I'll take it off your hands
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