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I would like to add a new answer type in profile questions | Forum

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Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Mar 10 '13
What I would like to do is add a new answer type in profile questions

The idea is to ask a question and be able to set an answer to it.

Such as whats 21 - 7   Answer 3
Or who wrote Oliver twist Answer Charles Dickens

This of course would be a added deterrent against spammers.

All advice on this will be highly appreciated and I do have a test site for this type of project.  
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Alia Team
Alia Mar 11 '13
Bob, just an idea, try integrating one of the CAPTCHA's ( math captcha, for example).

Having custom/randomly changing field is better then having one and the same question all the time. Sooner or later bots will figure out the correct answer.
Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Mar 11 '13
Nope that has been broken through already same as the normal captcha.
Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Mar 11 '13
The link does not work

But lets not red-herring away from the topic

I would like to add a new answer type in profile questions

It's actually relates to what Ning has sensibly done or doing concerning halting spam.  I really do think its a totally good idea. I do know the other deterrents and working on a new one at present, thanks 


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Purusothaman Ramanujam
+1 for this.
Alia Team
Alia Mar 18 '13
>>>I would like to add a new answer type in profile questions

Since this is custom code modification, I can not give any instructions.

You can suggest detailed description of what you would like to have to UserVoice.

Bob (Coder Whacker)
Bob (Coder Whacker) Mar 18 '13
That's okay I already know the software engineers will be looking at this option they have to as your close competitor are already installing such an option as it make total sense. The fact the IP blocking etc is cron and memory hungry and there are simpler ways to block auto spamming makes it so logic that this idea will be looked at in depth. Its pretty pointless of pushing forward the idea over again. You your self should of spoke to the software engineers I guess you did I know wall.fm admin did. The description is here and at a guest a developer may design a plugin around the idea. At this moment none of the sites I administrate have problems with spam and they have no IP checking and no problems with their host about the usual CPU over usage caused by all these IP and email blockers. I put ideas forward here and if no ones interested well then its up to them. Not my problem as I just make developers wary about other methods other than cron hungry ones, that can and do create problems with there host providers.    

Quite a few people use my ideas on blocking spam now, I get thanked regularly, and often get amused at the remarks from those that think IP blocking is the bees knees especial concerning high activity sites. Basically we only have one auto spamming bot attacking Wall.fm and Oxwall sites. Its so easily blocked and the very limited manual spammers are also easily handled. But with this new answer type they will be pretty much eradicated. The problem at the present is not a big one its not even complicated to solve. So really its up to you if you want to move forward on this new answer type.
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