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Update Error (DB) | Forum

dhiyafaris Apr 10 '11
can some1 please help me with this?
Crystal Apr 10 '11
Try loading the basic theme.
Den Team
Den Apr 11 '11
What did you do before this error appeared?
Try to run this sql via phpmyadmin:
ALTER TABLE `ow_base_authorization_role` ADD `custom` VARCHAR( 255 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL
dhiyafaris Apr 12 '11
still the same..

i upload the Oxwall update pack 1.1 to my root folder,
thats all.
Den Team
Den Apr 13 '11
Did you run this sql query?
Amanda Apr 13 '11
Hi not to hijack this thread but I had the same problem ...I got this message:

Message: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '50-view' for key 'groupId'
File: /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_core/database.php
Line: 317

#0 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_core/database.php(317): PDOStatement->execute()
#1 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_core/database.php(426): OW_Database->execute('INSERT INTO `ow...', Array)
#2 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_core/database.php(463): OW_Database->insert('INSERT INTO `ow...', Array)
#3 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_core/base_dao.php(209): OW_Database->insertObject('ow_base_authori...', Object(BOL_AuthorizationAction))
#4 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_system_plugins/base/bol/authorization_service.php(816): OW_BaseDao->save(Object(BOL_AuthorizationAction))
#5 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_core/authorization.php(106): BOL_AuthorizationService->saveAction(Object(BOL_AuthorizationAction))
#6 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_plugins/groups/update/3367/update.php(34): OW_Authorization->addAction('groups', 'view', true)
#7 /home/m8o6te/public_html/ow_updates/index.php(100): include('/home/m8o6te/pu...')
#8 {main}

Type: PDOException

and I ran the sql that you said to run but nothing happened ...now my admin page is stuck in a loop and won't let me do anything but look at a page that says The source code of 'Groups' plugin was updated. Need to update plugin DB. please help and thanks for your help on the other post I made!!!! :) @----<-----
The Forum post is edited by Amanda Apr 13 '11
Den Team
Den Apr 14 '11
Hi Amanda.
Would you PM me with your FTP/phpmyadmin details? Also, please, describe what actions did you do before this error appeared?
dhiyafaris Apr 14 '11
yeah, i tried..
but still the same..
Den Team
Den Apr 15 '11
Would you PM me your details? Our dev team will check it.