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Temporary Hosting Solution to Design my Oxwall site | Forum

Justin Mar 16 '13
After researching many social networking CMS's and weighing the pro's & con's I've decided to go with Oxwall, but I've got a bit of a problem getting started... 

I'm looking for a place than can host Oxwall for free while I design the site. I'm not looking for a permanent free hosting solution. In fact, I'm just looking for a place where I can build. I'll definitely be going with a paid hosting solution when everything's ready and the site is ready to go live. I don't care about ads being placed on the site for now, low bandwidth allotment (since there will be no visitors), slow server speed, or any of the other negatives that go along with a free host. I just need a place that will run Oxwall while I build. Is there such a server?

I've considered running it locally and even installed Ampps to run Oxwall locally while I'm getting everything ready, but I can't work on it that way from multiple computers. I'm then tied into either working solely on my desktop while I'm home, or solely on my laptop while I'm away.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.
Justin Mar 16 '13
Thank you Purusothaman,

I found this host: https://x10hosting.com from the link you posted. So far, so good. Oxwall is now installed. They even have Softaculous, so manual upload and instillation wasn't necessary. Now I can get started building and designing. 
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