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User Registration - Restrict using custom authentication | Forum

Mitchell Ransom
Mitchell Ransom Mar 25 '13

Hi there,


I'm trying to modify the user registration process. The site I have set up, is a kind of fan-site for a game called Tibia. On the game there are many different servers or worlds. I want to restrict registration to players of one particular server only.


I have set it up so when people register they enter their character name from the game into the "realname" field. I want to use the value they enter, to check on the game's website to see if that character belongs to the correct game world. I have all the code to be able to check this, however, I have no idea how I can add my code into the registration module and stop unauthorised people registering.


For added security, and to prove that a user is the character they specify, I would also like to add an extra field for a verification code, the code should be auto generated random string and displayed to the user while they are registering. They must then go to their character profile on the game's website and add this code to their profile, I want to then check that it is there before allowing the user to register.


Any pointers would be great, I shouldn't need much hand holding, I'm just fairly new to MVC so trying to find where my code will go seems to be a problem.


Kind regards,

Mitchell Ransom



In Summary:

Display a random string or hash value on user registration page.

Add a "Verify" button.

Check the character's profile on an external website for 2 values.

If both checks are passed, continue with registration.

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Michael I.
Michael I. Mar 27 '13
What you request can be achieved only by playing with the Join form and creating your own validator. Sorry, cannot provide you with more details as your request is way too vague to request assistance from our dev team.
Mitchell Ransom
Mitchell Ransom Mar 27 '13

Could you please advise me on which file holds the actual join form. So far I can't find anything, I did find the join script which seems to process the form.


Just in case it helps at all, I'll re-summarise:

   • Display a random alphanumeric string on the register page.

   • Use a custom function to check if that string can be found on an external webpage. (Done)

   • If the string is found, continue with registration.

   • If the string is not found, notify user that they could not be verified and block the registration.

Michael I.
Michael I. Apr 3 '13
Join form files are ow_system_plugins/base/controllers/join.php and ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers/join_index.html
Mitchell Ransom
Mitchell Ransom Apr 3 '13

Hi Michael,


Thanks for the info, that's a great help.


Kind regards,

Mitchell Ransom

Eman May 21 '16
I have a similar need.
It is a shame I cannot access the Join-in form via the admin dashboard.
I would like to add a "captcha" to prevent spam.
Is there a way or a plug in that provides this?

Thanks in advance.