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What is b.scorecardresearch.com? | Forum

Timothy Mar 29 '13
Something in my site, whether its part of the installation or plugins, has the b.scorecardresearch.com bug that makes my site hang up when loading. This is so annoying and I can't figure out what is causing it.

Anyone else having these problems, or know how to fix it?

It's not my machine. I've already been through it, and it's being loaded from within the page.

bobbi Mar 29 '13
i googled it and it came up with a virus/malware ?????

Timothy Mar 29 '13
Yeah, it is on my site in a plugin or something. It is tracking something through my social network.

Timothy Mar 29 '13
I found the culprit. It is in the Instant Chat plug-in. I am not happy about this at all.
Alia Team
Alia Apr 2 '13
Timothy, original chat plugin doesn't use/reference to any third party script.

From what I can see using debug tool, b.scorecardresearch.com connects to "Share This" plugin, which is not one of the plugins developed by us. Do you have it installed?

Try reinstalling chat plugin and checking again.
Would be great if you can report, in which place within the page this "bug" gets connected to the chat.
DavidZenry Apr 4 '13
It‘s defo malware of some kind. I had a different URL though, will go and see if I can find it.

It is causing users to encounter errors like failed logins and 404s.

Doubt it is any of the official Oxwall plug-ins, it could be ShareThis, I have it installed but deactivated it (because it was rubbish). I hope the individuals who put this sort of crap (malware) in Plug-Ins get banned or something, if it isn‘t already a violation of the store rules?
DavidZenry Apr 5 '13

Timothy, this might help: How to Remove Scorecardresearch Virus - B.scorecardresearch.com Malware)

I've looking into this problem some more guys, I don't think it's any third-party Oxwall Plugin but actually bug/vulnerability with <b>Firefox</b>instead, mainly the browser plug-ins and extensions.

When a user logged in or posted data such as a blog post on my Oxwall site they were taken to a 404 page, a strange URL was noticed in the status bar (bottom of the browser) was "www.superfish.com" (some sort of adware/tracking), but this only occurred in Firefox.
Allen369 Apr 12 '18
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