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All reviews: Simplicity

Elly Dzilah

Great and flexible

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Elly Dzilah,
Mar 5 '17

Never known a theme that is so awkward to use, spent an hour trying to resize a header, no matter what i did it just wasnt right, gave up, total nightmare, headers should be easy to add like on origin, not everyone knows coding, simplicity you call nothing simple about it

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Nov 23 '15
Steven Myers
Clean, and responsive

Love how simple it is (hence the title) and the layout is easy to view. Love that oxwall made this the default theme!

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Steven Myers,
Nov 21 '15
Paul Towery
Simplicity Theme

This is a great little theme, but it does have some faults. I have been using this theme for the last couple of weeks, just for testing it. This is what i have come up with also. 1. The desktop version is not responsive on mobiles, which would be great if it was. 2. The chat box has the white background and the message you send is white inside Gray, people have a hard time reading them. 3. When you click on Customize the main page, it will have 2 header pics showing when you get to the customize page. 4. The slide photos for some reason do not readjust correctly to show the full picture, they are very small now. Even if i move them, it stays that way. This is something i noticed on this theme. 5 The top console is not allowing all the Links to be shown for pages, which is very bad, seeing how this is the default theme for oxwall.

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Paul Towery,
Oct 26 '15
Perfect and Clean

I love this default theme and i dont change it. Thank you.

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Oct 26 '15

Is all ok, but ... the resolution of the layout is to BIG, all the time when I use my site I must zoom the browser Firefox or Chrome from 100% at 90%, to navigate in the other page I must rezoome from 90% at 100%, is not a very nice thing all this zooming.

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Oct 6 '15
Kevin Soto Vallejo

This is a Beauthiful Theme :) adn Modern

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Kevin Soto Vallejo,
Sep 24 '15
Very nice!

I made a post a while back slamming 99% of the themes out there, looks like OxWall listened to that and made something that was finally eye appealing. I still had to change a few CSS things, but for the most part it's perfect.

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Sep 21 '15

Love this theme it's so simple it's beautiful. It only has a few cosmetic issues with select third party plug-ins but this is not the themes fault.

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Sep 21 '15