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Eva Johansson
Wrong in settings

Hey! It is a fatal error in the plugin, I downloaded 20 games and put photos on them - everything worked perfectly fine. When I went through the page, I saw that there were too many games that were shown on the dashboard, I changed to 4 (Number of games to show) on the options/settings in "user dashboard" (this is a good choice if you have many plugin shown on the dashboard) .... then got everything wrong on the dashboard / database .... I had to uninstall the the plugin (and the games)!!!! I would be very grateful if this could be fixed so that the settings works, and I can change how many games shown on the the Webpage. I use SkaDate X (Oxwall) latest version. Overall the plugin works very well but for this money is expected, at least, that the plugin to work according to those preferences and choices appear for admin. Regards Eva

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Eva Johansson,
Feb 28 '16
Nice plugin!

At first when I found out that the plugin doesn't have even a single game, I thought of asking for a refund. Then as time progressed I discovered that we can add games using this plugin. So, tried adding games using this plugin. It was so easy to add the games using this plugin that I could not resist giving it a 5 star rating!

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Dec 27 '15
Awesome ! 5 stars for this product

Awesome Plugin . .. It worked Perfect .. and A great Support .. From the Author. I would Give all 5 Stars for this product.

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Sep 2 '15

I have no Highscore,when i submit the score .. (.every Game with Highscore)...Error:page not found.. :( good plugin, but without Highscores ... *#+# :( ..

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Feb 3 '15
Plugin Works Great with 1.7.2

I am having no issues using this plugin with the new 1.7.2 Upgrade.

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Dec 25 '14
Support bad

Bought plugin. Ask the author how to properly configure. Replies still no. (( If you do not want to wait as I wait, then do not buy this plugin.

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Nov 9 '14
My honest review

I have been using this on my site last couple days. It is okay but for $20 I would expect a lot more. For starters the ability for members to upload games in same was as they already can with videos. Also would like games to show on the left sidebar of homepage in same way as videos etc already do. Custom meta description field for games page would be good too. Also a link to the game config page on the admin panel instead of having to navigate to the plugin and click settings to get to it everytime. But mostly, allow game uploads for a certain member group only. Other than that, game adding is easy. Only had it couple days. Hopefully support and development is good. But for now Im only giving it a 2 out of 5. Until those issues are added or resolved. Thanks!

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Jul 22 '14

I haven't had any problems, I have had no issues that the developer couldn't fix. Works great members can rate, comment and invite people to play.

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Mar 30 '14
Dennis Weaver
Mochigames is shutting down

March 31 this will no longer work as advertised

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Dennis Weaver,
Mar 30 '14
Adam Thiele
Great Plugin - But not for long

I have to say this plugin is wonderful and works as stated. But the recent horrible news of Mochi Media shutting down (http://mochiland.com/articles/mochi-media-winding-down-services-end-date-of-3-31-2014) does ruin this wonderful plugin. So please note that I would not advise purchasing this plugin since Mochi Media is shutting down by the end of the month. I hate to see such as great service and great extension stop because of a decision made from Mochi Media's parent company.

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Adam Thiele,
Mar 18 '14
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