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All reviews: Location Maps

Darryl B Leader
Nice feature for my site

Had a little trouble starting out, but the developer put me on the right track with a quick response. I found out that this plugin doesn't require me to get a google API key. Now I have a much needed location feature for my site. Update: To my surprise; this plugin doesn't only help with user location. It added a proximity search, and a map location to my events as well as a member location map. I wasn't expecting all of this. I am extremely happy with this plugin.

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Darryl B,
Nov 16 '14
Rob R
Pass on this [edit] Do NOT PASS ON THIS!!!

[original review:] Nothing worse than a great concept and crappy execution. Doesn't work on 1.7.1 and developer nowhere to be found. Conflicts with Extended Events. Buyer beware. [edited review:] Yes, I feel like a total jackarse having to go back on my prior review. I left it up there so you can see. That was frustration because this plugin is SO IMPORTANT to have on any social network that is not focused on a particular city or town. jk worked A LOT to get my plugin working with other plugins. Now everything is working as it should. Thanks jk.

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Rob R,
Sep 10 '14
Ulises Aguilera

Requires a API KEY ver 3.0, it says (the plugin) that: "Google has disable se of the Maps API for this application, The provider key is not a valid Google API KEY, or it is not authorized for the Google Maps Javascript API v3 on this site. If you are the owner of this application, you can learn about obtaining a valid key here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key" Can U help me please? or money back please...

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Ulises Aguilera,
Jun 22 '14
Ketil Ervik
I like it, and it's easy and it works

No more or less, but it works and is very easy to use to understand. But with the basic options you need to network. This will your users appreciate.

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Ketil Ervik,
Jan 23 '14
Richard Stainforth

One of the biggest limitations I found on Oxwall was the lack of location-based data for users (I am building a mixed social networking/dating site). This plugin adds just the functionality I was looking for - thanks to the author!

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Richard Stainforth,
Nov 21 '13
Exaspian Studios
Exaspian Studios Review

Review Type: In depth. Usability: 9/10 - The user interface is beautiful! A genuine life saver is the fact that the users are auto-suggested area names while their typing. Along with this all then comes the smaller but sleek, sexy details that make up quite a high percentage of this plugin's rating. For instance - the profile picture and link to the users profile on the map along with the shadow cast by the text box this is stored in. Only problems I found with this plugin were that the Auto area suggesting is a bit slow and you some times have to wait a few seconds before it will pop up with new suggestions and if the user's profile details are in tabbed view and the tabs are not big enough - you only see the corner of the map. As much as I would love to see these bugs fixed, I don't think the plugin actually requires them. Graphics: 10/10 - Stunning. As stated earlier; the little features make a HUGE difference to this rating. Things like the shadow of the text box and the small box around the users profile picture make this plugin as beautiful as I had hoped. Spelling and grammar: 10/10 - No spelling mistakes or grammatical errors whatsoever. In fact I could actually say that the spelling is exceptional in some places. Code Review: 10/10 - I'm shocked to say the least! This is the first plugin I have reviewed that actually has commented code the whole way through! Easy to understand and easy to make changes where needed. I would recommend you bare this piece of info in mind before leaving your own reviews of the plugin. Final Rating: 10/10 - A tiny...tiny bit of room for improvement on the aforementioned tab glitch in the user profile, but that is hardly going to end up crippling my view on this plugin. The plugin is a 10/10 and it completely deserves to be. For ZK's first plugin on the store I would say that this is a perfect example of what other developers should be looking at when coding their own plugins. A special thanks to JK for sponsoring this review with a copy of his plugin!

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Exaspian Studios,
Feb 20 '13
The Best

For me, it's the best plugin in oxwall store...very simple and professional...I'm waiting for new release...events and groups will be geo-located!

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Feb 17 '13
Bob (Coder Whacker)
This plugin has a Code Whacker Quality approval

The plugin is a must buy to day appeal. Totally professionally designed its what every developer needs and addresses a big flaw in Oxwall. Now your uses can show where their located if they so wish. .

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Bob (Coder Whacker),
Feb 3 '13
Display where your Users are

This is a superb addition for any international community. The user simply enters where they live when editing their profile and a location map is displayed on their profile. There is also a wonderful 'map of the world' page used when searching for members which pin points all users locations. Great fun and graphics!

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Jan 31 '13
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