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All reviews: PhotoGroup Plugin

Works as it says

It does work and does do a good job, My only issue with this plugin is that it does not work with the pre moderation plugin and could help users to bypass your site rules by helping them to skip the pre moderation on your site. To be fair to the plugin though it does not state anywhere that it does work with the pre mod plugin. 4 starts becuase it does work well but happy to give 5 stars if future development see it working well with pre mod plugin.

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Jun 27 '17
Adds more versatility to groups

This is perfect, especially when utilizing private groups where people absolutely don't want pictures to show up elsewhere. No complaints, it works as it should.

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Nov 19 '15
Samuel Kipfer
I expected it to be more like the photos plugin

Doesn't keep the order. Now way to delete multiple photos. Uses flash. But great support. They gave me a refund.

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Samuel Kipfer,
Feb 15 '15
James Rainsford
No Good for private groups

service is good, looks like all working well will know in a few days

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James Rainsford,
Sep 9 '14
Works as advertised

This plug-in works fine however I would love it if they updated the photo viewer to the new style of Oxwall this is why they lost a star. Photos will be viewed in Oxwall 1.5 and prior style. Other then this it will show images fine in preview and full size.

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Sep 7 '14
Furyan Satoo

I am happy - useful plugin! :)

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Furyan Satoo,
Jul 17 '14
Exactly what I needed

Another must-have plug-in for any site where members can post their own content. This gives the groups feature a new life and use for my members. Actually, let me rephrase: this plug-in made my groups USEFUL to my members.

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Jun 22 '14
Dave McCullough
Works Great!

It is really nice to be able to organize my site better by embedding group specific to each group. I also got special ordered to go along with this one the gphotogroupviewer and it works great. They have only been up for the weekend so far, but I have gotten great feedback at the improvement.

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Dave McCullough,
Jun 18 '14
Ketil Ervik
One must in groups, and one smart and one most necessary addition to Groups.

This is one very important plugin for your Groups. Works as it should. I use it for example when I explain the history of various world renowned Country Musicians.

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Ketil Ervik,
Apr 6 '14
Really great support

I had problems with notifications, these guys work like we do, get FTP and fix it for the client, this is what i call great support. This was a much needed plugin

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Mar 3 '14
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