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Humble Tyrant
A waste of time.

If you wanted more messaging features -- this isn't the right plugin for you. It sits on top of the default messaging plugin, and also displays on the login page. If that's not disappointing enough, you have to sign up for a 3rd-party service just to utilize it in the first place!

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Humble Tyrant,
Jul 9 '18

Max Connections 10

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Mar 18 '18
rip off

How about $500 / month to have a chat on your website. LOL

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Dec 11 '17
Eric Pickering
Do not recommend

Though it may be free and it does work decently it slows down your sites load-up time by at least 3 seconds. As well if something happens to the chat getting help from IFly is basically out of the question. I went to them and they left me hanging in the middle of solving the issue. It's been 3 days and the issue hasn't been solved. As such I've removed it from my site. Will never use this chat again.

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Eric Pickering,
Mar 21 '16
its ok however...

Free API I wish would allow more users for free. chats rather a basic thing. but whatever.. Big problem i have is there no options to disable this to unregistered visitors. which for the site i have in mind its a deal breaker. Useless. I am rather disappointed there isnt such a setting, you would think it be one of the first things when it came out.

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Apr 12 '15
uninstall plugin

uninstall plugin is disgusting can not connect more than 10 users

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Sep 15 '14

This is a great script.. A must have if you ask me!!

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Jun 4 '14
"First Impressions" Review - "After" Review to Come

I know whenever I purchase a product I really value reviews that give you perspective when you first try out a product and how it's going after. So that's what I'm going for here. As a note, I'm reviewing the FREE version and will post another review in one week after using this product. The TL;DR version is I do recommend this product and since there's a free version, you have nothing to lose if you just try it out. ---- First Impressions Review ***Pros: This is a definite upgrade from the Oxwall TinyChat. From the beginning, my members requested a public chatroom like this -- something that could retain information between pages and stay open wherever you chose to navigate on the site. This chat does just that. The chat loads quickly and we haven't experienced any message loss while loading pages. Users that recently join can also see some of the most recent messages. This is very useful for "catching up" and joining in on current conversation. Moderation is remarkably simple and intuitive. I come from an IRC moderator background, so that's the level of chat moderation I'm used to. Tab notification does work, as do sounds. It's a good way to grab attention. Tab notification works for both public and private chat. Private chat works very well. If you've used TinyChat, it's similar but appears more receptive. TinyChat messages appear to "lag" on occasion and you'll find that this is an improvement. It overall looks and feels clean and matches the Oxwall style. It blended seamlessly with our site. It's intuitive to use. Your members will pick it up right away (within 10 minutes of implementation, several of my members were casually conversing with each other). It works on Android mobile devices as advertised. Note that it isn't a "mobile" chat, users will still need to zoom in. Since we're still 1.5.3, we don't have a mobile version and I can't speak to whether this supports mobile. We also haven't tested Apple products yet. I'll include that in the next review, since I have some regular iPad users and I'm working on getting their feedback. ***Cons: "User is typing" is the default message that appears when a user is typing in the free version. The paid version identifies the specific user. Only ten users can connect at a time. This is great for smaller sites or sites that have less than 10 users on during peak times. For sites that are larger, you will need to look at a pricing package. The custom color modifications I put in don't appear to work in the free version, but the default layout matches with my site, anyway. I still consider that a con in case others aren't as fortunate. "Public Chatroom" will be the name of your public chat in the free version. If you want to change it, you need to purchase the premium version. ***Neither Pro or Con: I made this list because these items may not be a universal pro or con. The emoticons don't appear to work correctly in the free version even if you enable them. I'll return to this issue in my second review. I consider this a minor issue really, probably because I'm biased against emoticons. "Like this" - the free version includes a like option for each chat message, similar to the like function in the Newsfeed. Since I have likes disabled on my site, it's a con for me, but I know some sites depend on that functionality. This came as a bit of a surprise, so I wanted to include that as a heads up. You can't disable it via the plugin dashboard. Powered by "iFlyChat" - this text will appear in the free version of your chat. I list this down here because I think it's fair to have the name listed, but I know this could be a "make or break" for others. If you want more chat rooms, you need to purchase the premium version. Again, I find this fair, but I wanted to list this as a heads up. Thanks for reading and I hope this review was helpful.

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May 25 '14
Fast and easy

This chat is so fast and easy even with a lot of uses useing the chat I recommend iflychat to anyone

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May 25 '14
Angel Ferrer
big joke

Really?? 99 dollars per month? It is a joke? Please look at the prices and quality of arrowchat before selling this product

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Angel Ferrer,
May 25 '14
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