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All reviews: Hot Or Not

Great Plugin and Great support

I had this plugin installed on my site, communicate with the developer for support. Zaph is a great developer and his support is fantastic. We highly recommend this plugin and got my 5 STARS :-)

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Jun 24 '15
The plugin does not work.

A reference to it appears in the menu, but you can not adjust it or the admin panel or create a website. Latest version of CMS today.

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Nov 24 '14
layout breaking

Hello,its breaking some layout functions. Very boring to click each single picture one by one......

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Sep 16 '13
Marina Kashtelian
Very good plugin!

Quickly upload your photos!

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Marina Kashtelian,
May 12 '13
Nice... but

This plugin does not create a database table, fast fix :)

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Feb 24 '13
Exaspian Studios
In-depth Review

Usability: 6/10 - Most images under 400x400 are stretched quite badly, once you've rated all of the users it still lets you re-vote on users you've already voted (which actually has no effect on your previous vote) and if the user votes too quickly or while the image is fading in the plugin seems to get confused and displays the same images sometimes. However the functionality of the plugin is all there! It does what it promises to do and that's normally a good feature to a plugin. Overall I had to give this a low rating because of the issues stated above. Graphics: 8/10 - As stated earlier on the image stretching has had an effect on this rating.The icons you've selected for the buttons are perfect, however. Other than that the plugin doesn't actually contain any custom graphics, but I believe that the preset graphics you selected fitted the plugin perfectly. Spelling and grammar: 3/10 - I Was quite disappointed by this, actually. Now I understand that there are quite a few users of Oxwall who's first language is not English and I respect that, but for the sake of the review I have to review the spelling and grammar. When I downloaded the plugin I expected great things from it. I've always loved Hot or Not websites and I thought it might be a good idea to have one on my own website. However when the plugin installed I was greeted with a few mistakes in the wording and 1 or 2 grammatical errors. Not really too much more to say about this. I do not hold the plugin creator specifically responsible for this and it was quite easy to fix by editing the Language files. The rating was low because I had to review the Spelling and grammar written by someone who's first language isn't English. Code Review: 9.5/10 - As usual the code is not commented, which I would like to see with a few more plugins, but that is such a minor issue that it isn't affecting your score much at all. The code was detailed and highly well written for such a simple sounding plugin. I won't lie, when I downloaded this plugin I expected it to be incredibly simple, but instead I was greeted with many beautiful and elegantly laid out lines of code. Huge props to the coder for his amazing understanding of the Oxwall plugin system and his ability to lay out his code neatly. Final Rating: 8/10 - The plugin delivers a warm, welcoming atmosphere to the user and a understandable Configuration Page. The only thing that removed points from the final rating was the spelling and grammar, but that is understandable. I would say that the plugin has room for improvement. Right now it is a good plugin, but with a good translator and a tiny bit of commenting on the code; it would be a great plugin. This review was also posted at: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/8781

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Exaspian Studios,
Feb 15 '13
Swift, good systems...

It's fast, nice, and gives a freshness not making the page reload to go to the next picture, but when I've tested, most pictures are very blurry and pixelated if they aren't huge pics. Other then that, this is an amazing, free plugin!

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Sep 17 '12