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Phil Dec 17 '13
Stephanie, can you try to move character name down, below password? Clear cache, cookies, related saved passwords....
Since i've done it works fine, i'm wondering if that's the answer. I can't really launch my site unless people can properly create an account. I'd love this to be the answer :)
Ravinder Singh Chauhan
The problem is not with the chrome or the theme. What you can do is just go to plugin options in admin panel, uninstall Watchdog plugin. That's it.

99mag community

Joseph Mar 17 '14
I don't use the watchdog plugin I still get this issue I have had others test this as well when they sync their chrome browser to their account it sometimes takes several tries to create a new account
Joseph Mar 17 '14
also could a member of the staff or team post a video of what they are doing and lets make sure you guys are doing the same exact thing we may be getting lines crossed here and not realizing it as well I will record a video showing my results
ross Team
ross Mar 17 '14
Alright, waiting for the video. 
Joseph Mar 17 '14
sorry i am a bit sick but working on it 
Joseph Mar 19 '14
got the first half recorded will finish up tonight feeling much better now 
Sean Apr 6 '14
Anyone any further with figuring out what causes this?
Sean Apr 10 '14
I took the plunge and upgraded to 1.6 3 days ago, I'm pleased to say that since then this issue seems to have resolved for me!
Networking Technologies LLC
Hi, i have same issue, is there a fix, i am on firefox and i have version 1.6
thank you
ross Team
ross May 23 '14

There are many threads related to this issue. We scrutinized it from different angles, tested it on various OSes, different browsers versions and browser settings, however we were not able to reproduce it. 

Here's some information for you in relation to the problem with join process via Chrome. Of course, it can vary from case to case and may not apply to everyone, however this is considered as a common plausible explanation why this occurs on YOUR websites: 

The server got disconnected while user registration;

Different browser cookies settings - session has been removed; 

Pre-set fields like age range or some custom fields, in this case server declines data because it is incorrect or invalid. 

If the above is not satisfied, then a user cannot get to the first step of the registration until he clears the browser cookies. 

You need to be able to reproduce that on your websites and provide us with the details:

Every step of the registration process;

How much time it takes for your to register on your website;

What profile questions you have?;

List of plugins;

Software version;

Your  OS;

Your browser version and settings;

Are you logged in Chromium;

Any other valid details which you consider may be important for reproducing;

Then you need to try to reproduce this on the oxwall.org demo website, so we could do the same. Until then, we are not able to start fixing the issue. 
In the meantime if you want to disable this strict check of the data by server, in ow_system_plugins/base/init.php
insert this code at the bottom: function base_addFakeQuestions( OW_Event $e )    {            $e->setData(false);    }    OW::getEventManager()->bind('base.questions_field_add_fake_questions', 'base_addFakeQuestions');

The Forum post is edited by ross May 23 '14
Peter Groft
Peter Groft Sep 5 '22

Add a Chrome profile:

In Chrome browser, at the top right, click Profile. .

Click Manage people.

Click Add person.

Choose a name and a photo.

Click Save. A new window will open and ask you to turn on sync.

(Optional) Turn sync on in Chrome with a Google Account for the new profile.



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