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tiny chat configuration | Forum

Dantes Jul 27 '11
first i delete the page name on menu settings and no problem
now i try to put a name on tiny chat url in admin pannel and
apeear this
Fatal error: Call to a member function setValue() on a non-object in /home/mundohot/public_html/ow_system_plugins/admin/controllers/pages_edit_plugin.php on line 75

i have 2 question

first one
how can i correct this
how can i granted my user to be a moderator?
i have to create a room and internally config the plug in?
i really need a help with this topic couse my chat need a lot of moderation

greets (just chek the 1.2 ver...and kick ass!)
Michael Leader
Michael Jul 27 '11
Have you tried the usual uninstall and install? (I assume you have)
Maybe uninstall and check for any residual folders or database entries and delete them. (Backup FIRST)

With regards to moderation... Create a tinychat account.
Then when on the tinychat in your site in your browser view PAGESOURCE and in there you will get your random tinychat room name url. Copy this and paste into another browser window. If logged into tinychat i think you may be able to moderate there.

Also try this...
Dantes Jul 27 '11
no luck with install or uninstall
i get the url but i cant see it in the menu (is a blank space)
like dashboard my profile "blank space" forum etc etc etc
everything is working good except that (well the moderation thing still trying to set it)
Dantes Jul 28 '11
ok i manage to create a room in tiny and include into the code in oxwall
so now i have moderation AND integration
still cant find how to fix the problem
in images

here is the admin panel with tiny plugin active BUT with no name ...

now i enter to edit and show this

i enter any name and i get this

Fatal error: Call to a member function setValue() on a non-object in /home/mundohot/public_html/ow_system_plugins/admin/controllers/pages_edit_plugin.php on line 75

BUT! i still can "see it" in my oxwall site
like i show here

i hope this can be more clear than ever and sombody help me to get this with a name!
Michael Leader
Michael Jul 28 '11
I can see your problem.
I still think you have some residual database entries. I will have a look at my dev site and see if I can locate where the name is. Will be in touch.
Dantes Jul 28 '11
0k PLEASE!!!! i really need it!
Den Team
Den Jul 29 '11
Would you PM me with your admin and FTP details please? our dev team will check it.
Dantes Jul 29 '11
addenster i just fix the problem magically with the new update!
thanks any way
Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Nov 2 '11
my tinychat can not connect to server
please help
Den Team
Den Nov 3 '11
We have got a lot of reports that TinyChat blocks connections to their servers from some locations. We don;t know reasons why they do it :(
Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Nov 5 '11
is there any other public chat rooms for oxwall?
Den Team
Den Nov 7 '11
What do you mean?
Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Nov 7 '11
another else of tiny chat.
Max Nov 7 '11
No other chat available for Oxwall.
Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Nov 7 '11
tiny chatis very good
but there is two problem for me:
1- it's flash source is not persian.
2- our users with Persian names (utf-8) are unknown such as this screen shot :

Max Nov 8 '11
I think TinyChat doesn't support your langage.
You have to add a function who is replacing your caracter by another.

For example :
Enable DEV_MODE in config.php

open 'ow_plugins/tinychat/controllers/page.php'

Add the next function :

    private function delete_char($str){
        $a = array('Ã','Ä','ç');
        $b = array('A','A','C');
        return str_replace($a, $b, $str); 

In this line : $a = array('Ã','Ä','ç');
add all caracters you want to replace (non-latin caracters I think)

In this line :$b = array('A','A','C');
Add caracters you want replace with

In my example, Ã will be replaced byA
Ä will be replaced by A
ç will be replaced by C

Next, search this line :
$params['nick'] = BOL_UserService::getInstance()->getDisplayName(OW::getUser()->getId());

Replace it with :

$params['nick'] = $this->delete_char(BOL_UserService::getInstance()->getDisplayName(OW::getUser()->getId()));

Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Nov 8 '11
great idea
Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Nov 8 '11
error occured after change

Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Nov 8 '11
my changes is here.
  page.rar (1.71Kb)
Max Nov 8 '11
What is your error ?
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