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oxwall needs invite friends plugin :( | Forum

Amir Aug 12 '11
oxwall sites needs invite friends plugin!
users should can invite friends from yahoo , gmail , ...
what can we do?????
ma3ih Club
ma3ih Aug 13 '11
we have it
but its must be fixed

and addenster yahoo invite now work
with new versions for me
Amir Aug 15 '11
khob , how can i have it?
Trent Aug 16 '11
Couldn't you just create a form with multiple email recipients and a "submit" button that says invite friends? Something similar is available on e-friends script
Balbir Aug 17 '11
I would pay to have the invite friends plugin. It would be a great addition to the Oxwall codebase...
Dantes Aug 17 '11
read up! there is and its free!
Trent Aug 18 '11
where is it? I couldn't find it in the oxwall store. Thanks,
Dantes Aug 23 '11
i think is contact importer?
but i didnt see it either in store :S
Den Team
Den Aug 30 '11
Yes, we leave it from store cos it's broken for now.
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Sep 23 '11
It's back but now the Facebook one is broken!
Quote from Addenster Yes, we leave it from store cos it's broken for now.

Jasir Oct 2 '11
will u again upload it back to store?
Jasir Oct 3 '11
hey.. i want that contact importer plugin...anyone have it on hand? its missing from the store..
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Oct 3 '11
Here, this is it. It might not work.
Quote from Jasir will u again upload it back to store?

  contact_importer.zip (92.96Kb)
Jasir Oct 3 '11
yea... i think some errors are ther with fb nd yahoo... anyone working on that? i am waiting? 
Hadi Kamell
Hadi Kamell Oct 10 '11
yahoo works with it, but google is not.
Den Team
Den Nov 14 '11
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