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IMPORTANT TIP for upgrading to 1.7 | Forum

Pete Jul 13 '14
hope you have found the problem Dave
dave Leader
dave Jul 13 '14
ok so once i got the main page back which i did.  Then it was in pretty good shape, nice job oxwall.  Looks like it was all me this time around lol.. ")  

However with one exception... What is it with this new message deal.  Let me show you what it looks like when i pull up all  my messages.  see image.  the red part,  hey no messages at all lovely... But the db is full of messages, where are they?

then when i click on send message, the white part (in image) it comes up on the very bottom of the page i feel like i have to type on my knees lol..   and its totally unusable.  No members list, it minimizes as soon as i try to do anything with it...  Its totally useless to me.  

So what can i do about this, did you all test this on macabre?   I think im gonna need some help with this one team.. Thanks see image. 

Pete Jul 13 '14
I had to make my tool bar small and stick it in the left hand corner of my site because I have the same problem,when I click on a member and message, the message page opens at bottom of my page and with having tool bar on bottom it was blocking the send button on messages,you well get a better understanding what I mean about tool bar if you go and view it on my site http://ukadoptionregister.org
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Sean Jul 13 '14
dave, i have the same issue: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/21370
dave Leader
dave Jul 13 '14
ok thanks sean, i just updated yesterday so im thinking the new updated should be part of the upgrade but i will check the number just to be sure.
dave Leader
dave Jul 13 '14
ok folks, i think i have something here.. today i logged in to do some work for the first time today and got a white page, so i check  my cpanel error log and i got the already mentioned out of memory fatal error.  I knew that was not right because i had both my php ini and htaccess set for 200MB which should be plenty for the site.  

That is when i discovered that the update must have overwritten the htaccess file. See with my system for some reason not all settings in the php ini work unless i also put them in the htaccess file as well, the commands are just a bit different so look them up first. 

As soon as i put my htaccess off of a backup back, the site loaded, then i went to messages, and nothing, and i thought ok ill install the mailbox update, just as i was about to leave the page (10 sec or so later) BOOM i saw the message window populate with all the messages.   

I will still install the update to the mailbox but it does work now.  

So if you have a mem command in your php ini, set it inside  your htaccess as well. 

like this 

php_value memory_limit 200M  

make sure your htaccess is the same as it was before the update and you should be ok. 

also how do you know how much memory to add.. 

here is a bare bones message

[Sun Jul 13 17:07:32 2014] [error] [client xx.xx.xx.xx] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 52428800 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 270708 bytes) 

so for me 52428800 is how much you have

and 270708 is how much more it was trying to load

go here 


under byte type in your first number mine is 52428800 which is 50MB, thats what clued me off to the htaccess, because that is the htaccess system default memory for me, so thats how i new something was wrong with the htaccess. 

so now in byte type in your other number 270708  1/4 of a MB so we will round up to 1MB

so for me i know i need to have 51 MB on login.    So i set it to 200 to have enough for the whole site just to be safe.  

And thats how you do it.. 


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Steve Winter
Steve Winter Jul 13 '14
I have come to believe that php.ini doesn't really do anything maybe.


dave Leader
dave Jul 13 '14
anyone show a bunch of users online in their message/ajax chat after the update that are not online?

base_user_online table only shows me online

oh ok its a toggle switch, either online or all users...  so you have to watch that, the little icon with two heads is a toggle. 

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John Michaels
John Michaels Jul 15 '14
Just my opinion here,

I love Oxwall , I think it is the best community software out there today really !

The techs and designers all work hard on this software and i give thanks for that , you are appreciated, I have bought many plugins for the software to enhance my site and make it the best that I think it can be.


With that being said . . . . . .

I have to say that I tried to upgrade to 1.7 , got many many errors that literally crashed my site totally. THEN only after I had upgraded did I get a notice that all plugins had to be stopped before upgrading and re started one by one.

For a site as big as mine , this is a real pain.

I think in my humble opinion that if an upgrade is released , that it should be able to update without having to do a hundred different things before ( 100 is an exaggeration I know , Im making a point is all )

I restored back to 1.5.3 and luckily was able to save all my data totally except for just a few days worth.

I will not upgrade again because of this experience unless it can be upgraded without issues.

The point of this post is a question :

Isn't there a way to create an upgrade that incorporates all the plugins already installed ?


When softalicious notify's me about upgrades , usually I say go ahead and do it but now my thoughts on that have changed due to this experience. Now I wont upgrade until I read what needs to be done. stopping all the plugins and halting my site for a lengthy amount of time just doesnt work for me. It should be seamless and no-one should even realize it is being upgraded , but in this case it was a disaster.

That is not to say that I will stop using it, as I said earlier. Oxwall rocks and nothing compares to it. I am appreciative of all the work that goes into it and I support it by buying the plugins and doing what I can when I have the ability.

Thoughts Oxwall Team ?

John M.

Steve Winter
Steve Winter Jul 15 '14
It looks like they did a great job this time around for sure, but the upgrade shows up in the admin area with NO INSTRUCTIONS and NO warning to simply deactivate plugins and maybe change to default theme before updating the core which seems to prevent all problems.


Sean Jul 15 '14
Do you not have a development server? I run the upgrade on there, test EVERYTHING and then upgrade my production server if everything is okay, no downtime then.
ross Team
ross Jul 15 '14
John, please read this post: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/21778
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