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Joe Nov 26 '11
I may be over my head on this one but,

If I create / modify a theme and use a logo image instead of a title line. How do I get an "Upload Logo Image" field on the >admin >edit theme page?

I can't figure out where >admin >edit theme gets its options from.

Owen Baines
Owen Baines Nov 26 '11
Unfortunately as far as i know, You can only get Images Instead of Text only on the Themes where the Title is actually an image.

Joe Nov 26 '11
Hi Owen, Thanks.
I did a modified Aerial theme called areialredux, replacing the headline text with a logo image.
I noticed that shimray also did the same thing called aerialplusplus.
I see there is an upload field for the logo image on that themes admin panel  (screenshot).
I'm just wondering where that option on admin comes from.
  ScreenShot001.jpg (141.54Kb)
Owen Baines
Owen Baines Nov 26 '11
Not Quite sure, I would image its a File in the Theme.
shimray Nov 28 '11
hello!!! Yeah that can e done. I think tat is in master pages. You have to edit the index and the general....forgot which lines exactly!
Joe Dec 8 '11
I'll try to re-phrase the question:

1) Where does >Admin >Edit theme get those options from?
- I create a theme based on the Club theme.
- The original Club theme uses a site title \ tagline.
- I edit the css and general.html/dndindex.html to replace the title with a logo image.

2) How do I add an 'Upload Logo' field to >Admin >Edit Theme if it's not already there in the original theme?

I can't figure out... Where does >Admin >Edit theme get those options from for each theme?

Joe Dec 19 '11
Can any theme developer help?
Where does >Admin >Appearance >Edit theme get those options from for each theme?
Soloplayer Designs
Soloplayer Designs Dec 21 '11