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Default Privacy Settings! - Privacy | Forum

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software May 5 '14
Ga as to your request, this is a custom code modification.
Tawhid Jun 15 '14
has this changed i cant seem to find defaultValue within event_handler
Steve Jul 25 '14
i don't see this where to change code for photo plugin init.php

function photo_privacy_add_action( BASE_CLASS_EventCollector $event )
{    $language = OW::getLanguage();
    $action = array(        'key' => 'photo_view_album',        'pluginKey' => 'photo',        'label' => $language->text('photo', 'privacy_action_view_album'),        'description' => '',        'defaultValue' => 'everybody'    );
OW::getEventManager()->bind('plugin.privacy.get_action_list', 'photo_privacy_add_action');

You should be interested in this string:
'defaultValue' => 'everybody'

Default value can be set as:
- everybody
- only_for_me
- friends_only

see below

OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('view_photo_list', 'photo/viewlist/:listType/', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'viewList', array('listType' => array('default' => 'latest'))));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('view_tagged_photo_list_st', 'photo/viewlist/tagged/', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'viewTaggedList'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('view_tagged_photo_list', 'photo/viewlist/tagged/:tag', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'viewTaggedList'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('view_photo', 'photo/view/:id', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'view'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('view_photo_type', 'photo/view/:id/:listType', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'view', array('listType' => array('default' => 'latest'))));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo_admin_config', 'photo/admin', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Admin', 'index'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo_admin_view', 'photo/admin/view', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Admin', 'view'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo_uninstall', 'photo/admin/uninstall', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Admin', 'uninstall'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo_user_albums', 'photo/useralbums/:user/', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'userAlbums'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo_user_album', 'photo/useralbum/:user/:album', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'userAlbum'));

OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.user_photos', 'photo/userphotos/:user/', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'userPhotos'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.ajax_upload', 'photo/ajax-upload', 'PHOTO_CTRL_AjaxUpload', 'upload'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.ajax_upload_submit', 'photo/ajax-upload-submit', 'PHOTO_CTRL_AjaxUpload', 'ajaxSubmitPhotos'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.ajax_upload_delete', 'photo/ajax-upload-delete', 'PHOTO_CTRL_AjaxUpload', 'delete'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.ajax_create_photo', 'photo/ajax-create-album', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'ajaxCreateAlbum'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.ajax_update_photo', 'photo/ajax-update-album', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'ajaxUpdateAlbum'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.ajax_album_cover', 'photo/ajax-album-cover', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'ajaxCropPhoto'));
OW::getRouter()->addRoute(new OW_Route('photo.download_photo', 'photo/download-photo/:id', 'PHOTO_CTRL_Photo', 'downloadPhoto'));


//OW::getEventManager()->bind(OW_EventManager::ON_BEFORE_DOCUMENT_RENDER, function()
//    $cmp = new PHOTO_CMP_AjaxUpload();
//    OW::getDocument()->appendBody($cmp->render());


The Forum post is edited by Steve Jul 25 '14
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 12 '14
 public function addPrivacyAction()

you can do that here
The Forum post is edited by Oxwall Software Aug 12 '14
Vasilis Aug 15 '14
Quote from Oxwall Software I think this is the function you're looking for:
 public function onPrivacyCollectActions( BASE_CLASS_EventCollector $event )
        $language = OW::getLanguage();

        $action = array(
            'key' => NEWSFEED_BOL_Service::PRIVACY_ACTION_VIEW_MY_FEED,
            'pluginKey' => 'newsfeed',
            'label' => $language->text('newsfeed', 'privacy_action_view_my_feed'),
            'description' => '',
            'defaultValue' => NEWSFEED_BOL_Service::PRIVACY_EVERYBODY,
            'sortOrder' => 1001

So I changed the default value to NEWSFEED_BOL_Service::PRIVACY_FRIENDS_ONLY that I also added in service.php as 'friends_only' but still non-friends can see newsfeed messages between friends in their newsfeed. 

Any ideas?

Vasilis Aug 15 '14
Also, in the Friends plugin, although I set the default value to be friends_only, and although you can't see the Friends widget on someone's profile whom you are not friends with, still if you visit www.youroxwallsite.com/friends/user/123 then you can see user 123's friends, even if you are not friends with user 123. 

I guess the only way to build a good privacy framework would include denying access until authorised.

Any easy way to add a privacy check on the www.youroxwallsite.com/friends/user/123 page listing?

The Forum post is edited by Vasilis Aug 15 '14
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 28 '14
Can you please specify, what do you mean see newsfeed messaged between friends in their newsfeed? Screenshot would be great!
Vasilis Aug 28 '14
Quote from Oxwall Software Can you please specify, what do you mean see newsfeed messaged between friends in their newsfeed? Screenshot would be great!

Thanks for your reply. 

I mean that you have person A and person B who are friends. Both A and B have "Show Newsfeed posts only to friends". Person A posts something on person's B newsfeed. Person C who is not a friend with either A or B can see the newsfeed message on A's or B's page that A posted to B's newsfeed. I could post a screenshot but you would not be able to see all the settings and who is a friends with whom. 

The Forum post is edited by Vasilis Aug 28 '14
siddharth raja
siddharth raja Sep 25 '14

hello, well i needed some help from you all.

pls tell me how can i set global privacy options of all users to "only Friends". currently default options are "everybody" i am asking to change all the option default to "only Friends" Here on link www.mysite.com/profile/privacy

pls help me, thank you.

Rahul Bhatt
Rahul Bhatt Oct 8 '14
How can I set profile photo privacy like only friends can see my profile photo. Please help?
Rahul Bhatt
Rahul Bhatt Oct 10 '14
Hi ,

I have already read that post but that is for album photos and I am asking for profile picture only. Also I have applied it but did not reflect ? Do I need to clear cache after change?

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Oct 14 '14
This is a custom code modification.
Try to enable dev mode and refresh the website.
Luis A C Silva
Luis A C Silva Jan 29 '15

Friends. This display setting [everybody / only_for_me / friends_only] can be edited in version 1.7.2?

I have not had success and performed all that was said here.

Luis A C Silva
Luis A C Silva Jan 31 '15
I did this change in version 1.7.2 but does not work. Proceeds?
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Feb 3 '15
Luis, please provide the screenshot of the code modifications you have done.
Luis A C Silva
Luis A C Silva Feb 4 '15
I am on business. I'll send the pictures but I just wanted to set the feed of news were visualized by a small group [I, friends, all]
The Forum post is edited by Luis A C Silva Feb 5 '15
  imagem.gif (25Kb)
Luis A C Silva
Luis A C Silva Feb 5 '15
updated the post
Josh Mar 20 '16
Okay is this for like this area... This is not a mass wide change via some setting..
How can i change the default. for these values..

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