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Yay I lost all my old info and now can't get this to install | Forum

ross Team
ross May 10 '16
And yes we do not guarantee proper work of the software on IIS servers, our requirement is Apache. 
Alan May 10 '16


define('OW_URL_HOME', 'http://anarchist.ddns.net/anarchyhangout/index.php/');

define('OW_DB_HOST', 'localhost');

define('OW_DB_PORT', null);

define('OW_DB_USER', 'root');

define('OW_DB_PASSWORD', 'MyPassword');

define('OW_DB_NAME', 'OXWALL');

define('OW_DB_PREFIX', 'ow_');

define('OW_DIR_USERFILES', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_userfiles'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_STATIC', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_static'.DS);

define('OW_URL_STATIC', OW_URL_HOME.'ow_static/');

define('OW_URL_USERFILES', OW_URL_HOME.'ow_userfiles/');

define('OW_DIR_PLUGINFILES', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_pluginfiles/');

define('OW_PASSWORD_SALT', '');

define('OW_DIR_CORE', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_core'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_INC', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_includes'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_LIB', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_libraries'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_UTIL', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_utilities'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_PLUGIN', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_plugins'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_THEME', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_themes'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_SYSTEM_PLUGIN', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_system_plugins'.DS);

define('OW_DIR_SMARTY', OW_DIR_ROOT.'ow_smarty'.DS);

define('OW_USE_CLOUDFILES', false);

if ( defined('OW_CRON') )


    define('OW_DEBUG_MODE', false);

    define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);

    define('OW_PROFILER_ENABLE', false);





    * Make changes in this block if you want to enable DEV mode and DEBUG mode


    define('OW_DEBUG_MODE', false);

    define('OW_DEV_MODE', false);

    define('OW_PROFILER_ENABLE', false);


Yup tried that, I should point out I had this working at one time perfectly but I tried using it one day and it failed on me so I thought "Why not just reinstall it" seems that was a mistake lol. Also I can't use dev_mode, I mean if I change it to true the webpage never loads? I would use xampp but I have other things that will not run using xampp :(

So it turns out I can have iis AND xampp run together :) Still the same layout problem though >.<


The Forum post is edited by Alan May 10 '16
ross Team
ross May 10 '16
it should be without index.php at the end

OW_URL_HOME', 'http://anarchist.ddns.net/anarchyhangout/

Alan May 11 '16
OMG lol the index.php at the end is what was causing the issue lol. Thank you it is working now :) 
ross Team
ross May 11 '16
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