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Add as friend | Forum

Dave Nov 13 '10
hi im getting this

Argument 1 passed to base_on_notify_actions() must be an instance of BASE_CLASS_EventCollector, instance of BASE_EventCollector given

can you help please im using rc2

Ruai Nov 13 '10
Hi Dave,

when are you getting this error? Do you mean it appears when you try to adding a friend?

Do you use the autoupdate or additional download (manually)? I also encountered some strange issue when using both alternative ways.

For me, the best solution is to download the whole package of rc2, and edit the config.php (ow_includes).

Now, everything seems OK.
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Dave Nov 13 '10
Thanx Ruai that worked a treat seems to be working again thanx
Juan Nov 16 '10
I'm having the same problem even after reinstalling the RC2 update.

When I try to "Ad to Friends" I get an error page, see attached pic...

Any other ideas I can try?
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  Ad_as_friend_error.jpg (22.66Kb)
Den Team
Den Nov 17 '10
Did you update "Friends" plugin?
Juan Nov 17 '10
Yes, I just did again but no change, the command goes through though. The message happends when I click the "Email Notification" Tab in My Dashboard and in a members profile when I click "Ad to Friends".
Den Team
Den Nov 18 '10
Would you attache here this file from your site:

This file contains version of your friends plugin.
I ask you about this cos we have already fixed this bug in previous versions.
Juan Nov 18 '10
Can't upload xml ext. file, I changed the extension to jpg, you can view the file with the jpg ext. or you can change it back to xml... thanks!
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  plugin.jpg (0.57Kb)
Den Team
Den Nov 18 '10
You have an old version of "Friends" plugins (2434). Check your cronjob settings for starting working autoupdates or update in manually.
Juan Nov 19 '10
Ok, I've been getting the updates for other plugins with no prob, I guess my cronjob is working now, My cronjob must of been disabled the last time I re-installed the updates, I do remember having to reset it.... I downloaded the plugin from your store and re-installed it, the system updated the plug and now it's working :) Thanks for your on going support!

The Forum post is edited by Juan Nov 19 '10
Den Team
Den Nov 22 '10
You are welcome :)