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Sprintally® Jun 21 '15
feel free to write here .
Sprintally® Jun 22 '15
we also provide support for skadate website for this theme .. 

Sprintally® Jun 23 '15
2 column language zone .
Shaun Jun 26 '15
Hi guys,

Loving the theme but I need just a little help.

1. how can I change the scrolling text that scrolls in front of your header images in the main page

The text I am refering to currently reads "sharing intrests" "chat anywhere" "Making friends" ect ect. i would like to re word them.

2. I am using the plugin CART PRO created by Aron but In your theme I cannot see the cart icon. I have tested the plugin in other themes and it appears fine.

Hope you can help

Sprintally® Jun 26 '15
to change the header text please find the instruction under theme .zip file after download the theme from purses  area and find the   info_seeetdate.png under theme .zip file for changing animated header text and sign-in page text .
Sprintally® Jun 26 '15
and please provide us the link of your website url via private message .
Shaun Jun 26 '15
Thanks guys, it's been a long couple of days so i missed the instructions. I have sent a P.M. with my site URL
Sprintally® Jun 26 '15
it seems you have not update the latest version of the sweet date theme please download the latest it today again and upload the theme file again and extract it . please reply only on private message . 
Ciro Torelli
Ciro Torelli Jul 16 '15

Hi, I have updated the system to the new version and wanted to know if I need to update the theme.

Thank you for your response.

Sprintally® Jul 16 '15
in this version of update nothing has been changed for desktop version it only for mobile forum if you update the forum plugin and disable the responsive theme ( mobile version from admin area ) then only you can able see the the forum is present . Not required for responsive theme . 
John Won
John Won Jul 23 '15

Hi, I just installed the software however, I used 'admin control' to put the site of line for maintenance! Now I cannot get into site on 'admin' it just shows my site under maintenance? www.asianbuddy.info.

How do I get back into admin?

Sprintally® Jul 23 '15
it's not an theme issue . you can access your site by   www.yoursite.com/sign-in
John Won
John Won Sep 12 '15

Hi,  I was in the installed area and some was asking to be updated.  I was updating the photo plug in and I have this message.  When I tried to update to DB I had this error?

I can use the website but I cannot access items in the Admin area as it keeps requesting me to update the platform.

Platform update request

The source code of 'Photo' plugin was updated. Need to update plugin DB.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Updater::getMobileWidgeteService() in /home/asianbuddy/public_html/ow_plugins/photo/update/9603/update.php on line 32

Sprintally® Sep 12 '15
This is a photo plugin issue please contact to the photo plugin developer . it is cause due to update .
Misty Jan 2 '16
Hello,  Can you please tell me the best size images for my logo and the HD pice
Sprintally® Jan 2 '16
for logo    { 
  1. width250px;
  2. height70px;


for header slideshow {

heightheight 500px!important;

width : full width 


for sign-in slideshow 



Misty Jan 3 '16
Hello, I'm unable to find the suggested file to change the scrolling text.

Sprintally® Jan 3 '16
please check it under index.html and general.html and blank.html   open all those with edit mod and find those lines > replace with your own > save > clear the browser cache .
Felipe Ra
Felipe Ra Jan 16 '16
Hello, why is not display the account type selection on the join form?
Sprintally® Jan 16 '16
please send me your website url only by private message .
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