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Translation - ProfileQuestions | Forum

Nanuky Jul 14 '15

i like to create my own Profilquestions in my Website. I have created all in English and like to Translate all in German. But i can´t, all time when i like to translate the Values and under Language Settings, i get all time a Error and don´t know why.

Any Ideas for me?

ross Team
ross Jul 14 '15
Provide screenshot of the place where you get the error. 
Nanuky Jul 14 '15
Here is the Screen, i created them in english and like to translate in german yet
  Language Files.png (33Kb)
ross Team
ross Jul 14 '15

1. Go to the Languages section in the admin panel and search the answers you created in English, in the search results, you'll see the answer you created to the left and it's key to the right, copy the key, only this part: questions_question_field_dd3c09975afe77b6bcfffa417b643c5b_value_1 without the word 'base'
2. then you need to change your url from this one: www.yoursite.com/admin/languages to www.yoursite.com/admin/dev-tools/languages in order to be able to search by the key
3. enter the copied key in the search form and choose German in the dropdown menu and tick checkbox "in keys"
4. in the search results you'll see the key to the left and the empty value, enter your translation now and hit Save

The Forum post is edited by ross Jul 14 '15
robi782 Aug 12 '15
I'm sorry but the implementation of the search for the language is atrocious. Because it does not work directly for the keywords or original values to search. Here make adjustments or to care for missing values is virtually impossible or takes weeks.

It would be very helpful when optimizing on this problem.

Daisy Team
Daisy Aug 13 '15

If you want to translate the profile question's values you should follow these steps:

- Go to Admin Area > Settings > Profile Questions section;
- Find the question you need to translate the values for and click Edit;
- Double click the value you need to translate, edit it and click Save.

That's it.
Nanuky Aug 14 '15

when you translate it in the same step as you create it, it works... But when have create it and like change your translation later,  you got an Error, thats our Problem!

ross Team
ross Aug 16 '15
Nanuky, what is software version you have, as we cannot reproduce this issue on the latest version of the software. 

Did you noticed when the issue started to occur? Did you make any changes in the software core or added some 3rd party javascript code or 3rd party plugin? 

Nanuky Jan 22 '17
Hi, sry when i ask,  but is there a way to search by language keys?!

{text key='base+authorization_failed_feedback'}    i  have insert a Text but can´t find it back with the search ... and i see no way to search by language keys.
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 23 '17
Check this post for searching language by key.

Note: when you go to admin / settings / languages; you will have to edit the url in the browser address bar as below. Add dev-tools to the url.


Nanuky Jan 24 '17
hi thanks for a answer

but if i change the URL i get this all time :

Page not found

Sorry, this document doesn't exist.

Nanuky Jan 24 '17
thanks ;)
Darryl B Leader
Darryl B Jan 24 '17
@ Ga Thanks for the correction.