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It is displayed only on Admin account! - Birthdays | Forum

TonyKa Jul 22 '15

why the users cannot see it? I can see it only with my account which is admin! If i log out and login with a user it does not appear!! Why?!

Thank you so much!

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Jul 27 '15
What exactly the users cannot see?
Are you referring to the newsfeed item about the birthday of a user or birthday widget with the upcoming birthday? Please specify, screenshot would be great.
TonyKa Jul 29 '15
Thank you!! Please see the attachments.

To my profile its displayed. Some times also is displayed the LEFT small widget. I am confused.

Also in everyone else its never displayed not even the widget, not even the window as I mark.

Only admin sees it (only ME, my admin account that installed it!)

Thank you very much!

  b1.png (223Kb)
  b2.png (234Kb)
Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 11 '15
TonyKa, there are two Birthdays widgets:

- Index widget - shows all site users;
- Dashboard widget - shows your friends only.

You are talking about the Dashboard page. The 'Upcoming Birthdays' widget shows the friends' birthdays only. That's why admin can see users (admin's friends) in this widget but Anna cannot.

P.S. As far as we have understood you are using SkaDate software. It would be better if you contact SkaDate support department if you have any questions or concerns. We are sure that they will be glad to assist you with all your site issues.
TonyKa Aug 21 '15
Thank you so much guys! !thank you so much!!!

by the way these two different birthday widgets are different apps? (need different install)?

thank you once more!!!

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Aug 25 '15
No, these widgets belong to the birthday plugin, you need to install it only.
TonyKa Aug 26 '15
Thank you so much for your great help, once more!!!
OW-Ghost Mar 28 '16
- Dashboard widget - shows your friends only.

looool ...why so serious when do plugins, please realese the fun in this plugin and let all members see upcoming birthdays or have that as a option to set

how dissapointed i am and this is a community platform for serious people only? hey start bee so seriously and hide things i not like that way this plugin was made and see many with me complains about its little visible should bee more visible and i hope it can support mobile version to very soon

Oxwall Software
Oxwall Software Mar 29 '16
All members see the newsfeed item on the index page about the upcoming birthday of a certain user. Widgets are available for index,  dashboard and profile pages. What do you mean your members cannot see that birthday?
OW-Ghost Mar 30 '16
we want a widget and not only me want that in the dashboard that shows upcoming birthdays not only for friends, stop copy facebook all the time they are not best on everything open you eyes and ears and listen to the crowed and stop bee so proud of what you doing and try change things do better. or at least listen and update that in next update so there is option set this. and another suggestion is when someone have a birhday let people see it in the search result page. if no care and are to proud change anything i stop this discussin here. and my review what i was thinking about this plugin not only about if the code works was stopped and i see its very hard do a bad review on a oxwall made plugin. lol this review system is a big joke in my eyes. why have a review system if can not tell what you think about the plugin only that can make it better but you stop that clearly

again you recently update this plugin to 1.8.2 for just look nice and it is not supports 1.8.2 its support old software with no mobile version so the plugin is very old and not updated at all

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