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Page default title - doesn't accept "{$title}" | Forum

Ivan Nov 22 '10
{text key='nav+page_default_title'} within the Navigation language doesn't seem to accept {$title}? Any reason why not?

Currently all my pages when searched on google comes up as what appears on {text key='nav+page_default_title'} - everyone hates it! It really should be the given title, ie. if a member titles the page as "marine" I want it to come up in google as: {$site_name} - marine.

Please help.
Ivan Nov 22 '10
just to clarify "marine" word i was giving as an example of many "{$title}" titles...
Den Team
Den Nov 22 '10
Got it. Will do it in one of our next updates.
Thank you
Ivan Nov 24 '10
Thanks addenster. Do you have any suggestions what I can do for the interim? I'm using google search at the moment but unfortunately, all searched data are titled as the name of my website - have a look www.iamforeigner.com

Not too sure how I can get the searched pages to have different names and it looks pretty bad from potential sponsors' point of view... or investors for that matter. :(

Really need a a fully functional search asap so any help with this would be hugely appreciated and won't go unnoticed.

Den Team
Den Nov 24 '10
Sorry Ivan, but currently there are no quick solution for that. I can suggest you to post a job on our market place. Maybe some of developers would assist you.
Ivan Nov 25 '10
I've found out what the problem is and it has to do with the plugins. All the plugins, when users create a new photo/video/blog makes a page and titles them as per the default title instead of what the users title them. Can this be fixed by any chance? Thanks
Ivan Nov 25 '10
Further to my message above. I can see how this could be fixed but I'm afraid I can't do much as it is an oxwall software and don't want to configure it. It is simply ensuring the when users create a new blog post, upload a video or photo that the title comes up as what the title the page instead of the page. There isn't a script for that in the plugins so the system uses the default title instead. I see this more as a bug in the software that affects everyone that uses the software instead of just myself. Can I please request for an update of the plugins to incorporate what I've said above? Pretty please... It's not very hard to do and I would do it myself but anything I change will change anyways the moment an update comes up so would be a waste of effort on my part. Cheers! :)
Den Team
Den Nov 29 '10
Sorry Ivan, but we will fix this with stable release only. Cos this fix must be done on platform and all plugins. You can fix this by yourself in your side now. And after updating to the new stable version, you will need to reconfigure in admin panel titles for plugin's pages.
Ivan Dec 3 '10
Hi Addenster... As it appears, I actually can't fix this on my side - you are right, it is to do with platform and all plugins. I've been looking through some of the php codings and they're a bit different from my research unfortunately...

The system (plugins) doesn't take into account {text key='nav+page_custom_title'} (from platform) but instead uses {text key='nav+page_default_title'} for titles when new pages are generated. As such, all pages are named the same.

Would be good to have this fixed. Any idea when? I can't run my website without it pretty much renders my site useless :( so I have to play the waiting game.

Thanks Addenster.
Den Team
Den Dec 3 '10
We have planned this feature in stable release. I hope we will release it in a couple of weeks.
Ivan Jan 26 '11
just want to confirm if this is fixed now Addenster? Cheers
Den Team
Den Jan 27 '11
Sorry, but it wasn't yet. Hope some time later
The Forum post is edited by Den Jan 27 '11
Walter DAVIN
Walter DAVIN Sep 15 '16
And even today in 2016, the problem is still not resolved. For it is made to sell the plugin. Oxwall, a CMS not finished that never will be.
Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Sep 16 '16
Hi Walter DAVIN,

Could you please tell us what problem is not solved?The problem they are talking about was solver several years ago.