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Old "ADS Pro" Plugin | Forum

Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo May 11 '16
Does anyone remember the "ADS Pro" plugin? It was an amazing, fantastic banner ads plugin which allowed members to purchase ad space on your site. They upload their banner and admin approves, and it's paid through paypal, etc...

It's no longer in the Oxwall store, hasn't been for a long time, but I still use it, because it's such a great plugin. 

It hasn't been updated in years (because it doesn't exist on Oxwall anymore), and therefore the ads are not responsive. 

I'm looking for a developer to update the plugin for me (if it's legal). Like I said, it no longer exists in Oxwall, and it seems abandoned. 

Or a developer who could create a similar plugin. 

dave Team
dave May 11 '16

I dont suppose you could use the normal ads plugin and then just create a new page called "Advertise With Us"  and put a paypal button on that page.. 

Maybe on the page have a list of the current advertisers and when their ad expires. 

Would that work?

Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo May 12 '16
well, it would not work half as good as the ADS Pro. The ads pro rotates the banners around randomly throughout the site, so that all ads are seen, plus tons of other great functions. 
dave Team
dave May 12 '16
Do me a favor and take a look at the plugin xml file and let us know who the developer was on that one. 


Shaun May 12 '16
If im not mistaken it was made by Fox techs way back when Paul Cuff was the main developer. It was a very nice plugin.

Fox techs deleted their account and then set up a new one again mainly because Paul Cuff left Oxwall but the main guy did upload a lot of their old plugins for free so it could still be available somewhere in the forum.

Give him a shout and see if he still has a copy of it.

P.S. the above may not be 100% as it was a long time ago.
Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo May 12 '16
yes, xml file shows it is FoxTechs
Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo May 12 '16
Check this out guys: http://www.oxwall.org/forum/topic/19430

Jake from FoxTechs gives full permission to develop and do what you want with his plugins, as long as you give FoxTechs credit as original dev.

the adspro is included in his message. 

Now if I can find someone willing to update the plugin so the ads are responsive.....I'm ready to pay. 

The plugin has continued to work perfectly through all Oxwall platform updates for years, even now. But would be great to have someone go through it and make sure it's up to date and ads responsive.

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ross Team
ross May 12 '16
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dave Team
dave May 12 '16
link does not work for me jobee, maybe its the new setup and it changed.

there we go now it loads... :)

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Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo May 19 '16
I got $100 for the developer who takes over the FoxTechs Plugin called "ADS Pro" (see this post: https://developers.oxwall.com/forum/topic/19430 ) and updates it and makes it responsive. 

And I WILL keep my word on it. I need this plugin and I need it to stay in development. 

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dave Team
dave May 19 '16
Anything i redid of thiers i would offer it for free out of respect for them and their customers.  I dont have the time right now as i am working on several things. 

However please explain (so that everyone knows) what you mean by responsive. That term seems to be tossed around alot and many may not understand what you mean. 

Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo May 19 '16
Responsive....shows up (shrinks) on mobile devices. 

Take a responsive themed site, on your desktop, narrow your browser width and watch the site change so it looks good on a smart phone. 

I want the ads to be responsive. Currently they are not. They stay the same, and are cut off on mobile devices. 

dave Team
dave May 19 '16
Thanks for sharing, that is what i thought but responsive could also have meant that the ads change dynamically in position and value.  Thanks for clearing that up.  :)
Jobee Bendijo
Jobee Bendijo May 20 '16
The plugin already makes the ads change and rotate randomly around all the ad spots throughout the site with each page load, and that is why I love it so much, as well as all the tons of other functions it has. 
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Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer May 20 '16
Hi, Jobee Bendijo i would like to make the changes you need, i just sent you a pm so we can talk about it.
Kevin Feb 28 '17
Was work ever done. Please PM if available.

Since I never saw the original plugin, I was wondering if:
1) Ad placement can be determined by Role so only admin places ad
2) Can you specify which page the ads can appear on? (For example only three of the ads would randomly be displayed in the Event section.
3) also was it able to specify top or bottom of page for ad placement?

Webster Molaudi
Webster Molaudi Mar 6 '17
Any updates on the AD Plugin i remember i once used it but it crashed my site at some point  and i uninstalled it...It's a good plugin i don't mind paying $50 to have a developer fix errors for me and make 2 or 3 changes to it.