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Expired Token Display Question | Forum

dave May 29 '16
Hi everyone, 

I had an idea for uservoice and wanted to get some feedback here to get some initial responses from you. Then i will move it over to the uservoice. 

Since we now have a new form token that expires after 20 min i was wondering if it would be a good idea for the core (since they are so good with userside js and jquery), to have a little warning image somewhere pop up on the page if your token is expired.  Somewhat of a reminder. 

This way you can either refresh the page before you start your form or it can be a little reminder that you need to copy your data before you attempt to send the form since you may loose your data. 

Even if it is just a little T symbol with a yellow or some kind of background would be fine. Just something to remind users what has happened. 

That do you all think.. 

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OW-Ghost Jun 9 '16
yes that would bee great idea...but i think it would take time for them make this change because many other importen things in they road map to doing right now i guess
Sypa CC (Creative Fertile)
That would be really good. We changed the code because video upload takes mostly more than 20 minutes.
dave Jun 10 '16
Yeah they should prob add an exemption for video, thats a great point Sypa.. 
OW-Ghost Jun 10 '16
yes great point , i have change the language text for telling my members that have been signed out due to long inactivity and that they need refresh they page and sign in again. That token text was not easy to understand for a normal internet surfer that dont know anything about tokens. i feel they could handle this on a much better way with another text
dave Jun 10 '16
Actually now that i think about this more, since the core only does embed vids then it would be up to the video plugin developer to do an exception for video.  I just hope the core developers thought about that and created a hook for plugin developers to create an exception for that. 
Shamica Anderson
Shamica Anderson Jun 18 '16
Video Plus has not updated and we get this error when we've waited too long to approve the video. How would I fix this problem? Well, this new 20 minute refresh thing isn't working. I logged out of my site and now it just keeps saying ERROR when I try to log in. NEED help.
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dave Jun 19 '16
Hi Shamica,  please create a new topic for your issue as your reply does not relate to this topic. 
OW-Ghost Jun 19 '16
i forget it was the "error" text i should change , because that errors text not telling any information at all to totally amatuers on internet and that is no good i feel