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Verification Emails goto Spam Folder | Forum

Lance Kirby
Lance Kirby Jun 3 '16
Good Morning,

      I am ne to Oxwall but not new to editing CMS sites or SQL.  I am having an issue where all my verification emails go to the spam folders.  I am trying to locate the email template to see what I can add or edit so that it will pass spam inspection however I can't seem to locate it.  Can someone please point me in the right location or at least tell me how to edit the template to pass spam inspection.

dave Jun 3 '16
Hi and welcome to Oxwall.  

My experience has been that much of the time many emails go to the spam folder because the user has not added your website email to their safe list.  This is something very common now days and you really should not panic over it.  Many email clients are getting tougher and tougher and sending more email to the junk folder to try to head off actual spam.  Sometimes good email gets caught in the mix. 

The best thing you can do is to have the users add your site mail to their safe list.  You can also edit the language if you want in admin to have the message on the screen remind them when they register to check their junk mail.  

Eventually what may happen is that when you get enough people that have added you to their safe list the email clients may back off a bit and learn that your email is not junk. 

Hope that helps you ;) 

Bridgette Jun 5 '16
hi Lance! I'm new around here too and just finished editing those emails.

Mine were all dumped into spam because they started with 'Dear' which is something spam programs filter for...

That said, go into admin, look at the 'Settings' option, then click on 'Language' and search for a text string you know is in the mail you want to edit. 

It will show up and you can edit it there.

Hope that helps you out.



dave Jun 5 '16
Thanks for sharing Bridgette thats good info.. :)   
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OW-Ghost Jun 9 '16
use this tool http://www.mail-tester.com/ and see if you have any problems. It is a great tool to use.