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Dutch Language pack v 1.8.2. | Forum

Annemarie Jun 13 '16

here is my dump for Dutch language. Version 1.8.2 [Download Here]
fully translated and the language pack is as clean as possible (base + admin and basic plugins). Use at your own risk.

On my website I like to start up a Dutch Oxwall Website Owners Group for support and for helping each other in dutch language. If you are interested, or if you like this, just pay a visit to my website: www.personalnetworks.nl, you're welcome!

Kind regards

Met vriendelijke groet,


PS: More Dutch translations available (many third party plugins and o.a. Skadate)

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  NL_v1.8.2_All_In_One_06-06-16.zip (75Kb)
OW-Ghost Jun 25 '16
does it working for skadate websites?
Annemarie Jun 26 '16
The .zip file is containing only the basic Oxwall install files (admin and base language pack) and the plugins, which are implemented in the basic install package, like events, groups etc. 'Third party' plugins files like SkaDate are not implemented in this basic Oxwall 1.8.2. language pack.

SkaDate is using Oxwall so you can use this for SkaDate, but you must be careful, because if you are already using SkaDate and you have a lot of user registration/profile questions, these questions are stored in the 'base plugin" part of the language pack. They are your own custom questions, so they can  not be implemented in a language pack (this one is as clean as possible without any user questions), of course. 

Because the user questions are custom, it should be a nice improvement to Oxwall to have those user questions stored in a separated language table or so and not stored in the base language table. The base language should be stay as clean possible because then it can be exchanged more easily. To seperate  the user questions, may be the language prefix key for them can be "Profile" in stead of "Base" or so. I am not a programmer unfortunately and I don't know how (easy) this can be done. ;-)


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OW-Ghost Jun 26 '16
Yes i agree with you the questions should bee on a seperated language table.

I do not know how easy it is to hire someone translate in Dutch...hmmm...do you do translation works?

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Annemarie Jun 26 '16
Yes i use them myself for a SkaDate website too
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OW-Ghost Jun 26 '16
Okey i will give it a try :)

but the problem is the questions and other plugins that i need translate that not included in this language pack i need help to translate

I was read you profile do you doing translation? i mean hire you for that? i guess you are native dutch speaking? or maybe i wrong?

Annemarie Jun 28 '16
I am native dutch indeed ;-). A lot of work, but I do have a dutch translation of the SkaDate plugins and a lot of other third party plugins for my own dating projects. Those translations are not 100% dutch - admin part of some plugins is still in English. 

Could you send me a PM (with an URL of your website for further assistance) so I can have a look. Maybe I can help you with the import. 

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OW-Ghost Jun 29 '16

I think i need someone translate many things because i have changed many things in the default english language....so i think it hard human work to translate my website that will only works. so what i looking for is a translator i guess ,,,

Annemarie Jul 1 '16
I can do that, ofcourse. Just PM me so I can have a look at your website ;-)
Jan de Man
Jan de Man Jul 1 '16
Where can I actually find a download link? I cannot find it.
Annemarie Jul 3 '16
Thought I attached it to the first message. Anyway it is there again ;-)
Joey Aug 13 '16
Hey Annemarie, thanks for this.

I want to start to translate it, but then i see this topic. Great work and nice website you have.

Annemarie Sep 20 '17
Thank you!