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Sitemap 1.8.4 (Continued) | Forum

Dave Aug 3 '16
SEO Unwanted {$user_age} displayed in browser tab (profile page). To resolve this Remove\Disable (un-tick "Allow for indexing") from SEO "Individual Member Page" if you do not want users age displayed in profile view.
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OW-Ghost Aug 4 '16
Dave thanks for sharing, 

but if you uncheck "allow for indexing" then what i can understand it will not bee added to the build in sitemap , is that correct?
And that is no problem of you use a third party sitemap, is that correct?

Why do you want remove user age in profile pages? is that no good for SEO?

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ross Team
ross Aug 15 '16
Ryan, how did you previously add a sitemap? via .htaccess and uploaded manually or via some third party plugin? 
Ryan P
Ryan P Aug 15 '16
I initially added a sitemap manually via htaccess, uploading sitemap.xml to root.
Then, I began using a third party plugin's sitemap that was included. This was working well for me, but the update to 1.8.4 overrides any manual or thrid-party sitemap.
ross Team
ross Aug 16 '16
Please remove the plugin and changes in .htaccess regarding sitemap. 

Wait for 24 hours and see if you see any changes in your sitemap file. If your cron runs properly and you don't have a lot of content, then it should be filled out with new links

OW-Ghost Aug 16 '16
My site map not load and not get filled out with links? i have follow guide lines from skalfa and they tell me everything looks good? but still the sitemap not update? 

I will try contact skalfa again about this issue and see if they can solve it...

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dave Leader
dave Oct 2 '16
Also remember folks you will probably need to add your sitemap to google search console and give it a test.  Make sure that you have "guests can view the site" in your oxwall admin user settings set to yes or google cant see the sitemap. 
OW-Ghost Oct 2 '16
I have done many things but still not run? i think there is something with how big the website is. small website runs better i heard with this build in sitemap not ask me why....anyways i will try get a fix for this when they will make the sitemap support multilanguage and url will have seo friendly urls. i hope that will bee implemented next update....

Right now i use third part sitemap and it works great...

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