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[for plugin and theme dev's]Commitment To EBP | Forum

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dave Leader
dave Jul 31 '16
Preface: I don't know how well this will do, and i don't know if anyone will even take this seriously or not. I don't even know at this point if this will help to make things better around here than they seem to be in the store.  But doing nothing is not an option so ill give it a whirl.. 

Plugin and Theme Developers!  Please reply to this post if you acknowledge and promise to do all you can to commit your business at Oxwall to EBP (Ethical Business Practices), or if you have questions regarding clarification or otherwise have a request for amendment.  

This means the following: 

1. I will make sure my store products are kept up to date and in operational condition.

2. If there is a problem with one of my products i will correct the issue in a 'reasonable' amount of time as soon as it is discovered on my part or when a customer notifies me of such issue. I understand that 'reasonable' depends on the size of the repair, the critical nature of the repair (fatal or not), and my availability. However i will do my best to take care of these issues within 30 days time. 

3. If the customer requests a refund for the purchase i will try to work with the customer to radify the issue. I understand that many times the customer is upset and just wants the product to work, which can avoid refunds in the first place.  

However if it has been verified that the product simply will not work on the customers setup for some reason that i do not support or that i can fix myself, and the purchase has been within 5 days from the date of purchase of the issue. I will as a general rule, commit to giving the customer a refund on a case by case basis as there are always extenuating circumstances for each customer. However once the 5 days from the date of purchase has passed it is entirely my decision if a refund is given or not.  I understand i am no longer ethically or professionally obligated to give a refund but i am still obligated to service my product and take care of the customer. 

In such an event i commit to document all correspondence with the customer in order to show my willingness to help them prior to the refund request and also any documentation which may prove that the product does or does not function on the users setup.   

I also understand that - "i changed my mind and don't want it" is not a good enough reason to ask for a refund. Refunds should be based on only certain events. 

>The product is not operational and is not functional in its environment and cannot be corrected.

>The description of the product was so bad or non existent  that it mislead the user as to what they were buying.

>I refused to service their 'reasonable' needs after the purchase. I also understand that 'reasonable' means that it has to be of benefit to everyone and not just one customer which is determined by myself and other requests (or lack of requests) i may get from other customers. 

4.  I promise to not create any fake, misleading, errononeous, false, or manipulated reviews of my products, this includes granting friends my product for free and having them write reviews for me.  I understand this is not the EBP way to do things and i shall not do this. 

5. I agree to never remove a customers license key for the sole purpose of hiding a bad review.  And furthermore if i ever do remove a customers license key, i will have proper documentation to show why i did so as this is always the last resort and should almost never happen without good reason.


6. I agree not to jack the prices of my products unreasonably when adding new features.  And i will show good cause and explain why i may be doing so on the product page topics. 

7. I agree to always keep my customers or the public informed about changes to my product via a 'change log' post via the product page topics whenever an update is released.  Other posts may be required for other reasons depending on the information i wish to publish about the product. 

8. I promise to include some kind of 'read me' file in my plugin and or create a post via the product page if there are special instructions in which the customer needs or may need to perform in order to adhere to special environment installs.  Also if i am made aware or such requirements i will try to keep that information current for the consumer. 

9. I will personally make a commitment to do things i can do in order to help bring more consumer confidence to the Oxwall Store.  This can include almost anything from the right attitude to going the extra mile for customers to even posting helpful articles regarding subjects that may interest consumers.   

This also includes being honest with my consumers if i do not know how to do something then i will tell them.  And advise them that i need to ask for or request help from the right source.  I know that Honesty will get me more respect and faith than trying to attempt something i do not know about and making the situation worse or agrivating the consumer more.

10. I hereby voluntarily make this promise to live by the EBP statements above in their entirety by repling "I COMMIT!" to this post.  I do this to be open and honest with the public and my customers for it is 'right thing to do and the only way i will do business'. 

(ammendments may be forthcoming and will be discussed and amended as part of this post)

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dave Leader
dave Jul 31 '16

dave :)

Skalfa LLC Partner
Skalfa LLC Aug 1 '16
dave Leader
dave Aug 1 '16
Thanks Skalfa :) 

OK now that we have some commits, to be fair to everyone, i wont edit the first post any further and all edits regardless of content will be in the form of new replies. Last edit date is The Forum post is edited by dave Jul 31

This way everyone is aware if there is a change of some kind and all changes will be discussed ahead of time with replies as well so that everyone is informed and can reply back. Thats the fair and right way to do this. :)

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dave Leader
dave Aug 2 '16
Thank you E Club :)
Oxwall Accessories
Oxwall Accessories Aug 2 '16
I have always tried to be a team player. I commit! 

dave Leader
dave Aug 2 '16
Thanks OA, much appreciated :)
dave Leader
dave Aug 5 '16
Lets keep the ball rolling folks :0)
dave Leader
dave Aug 6 '16
TY OW Visuals please check your email i sent you a message, thanks.. 
Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Aug 6 '16
dave Leader
dave Aug 6 '16
TY Ebenezer glad to have you aboard... ;)
dave Leader
dave Aug 6 '16
Thanks everyone so far for commiting, every little bit helps and it is appreciated.  Some of you and I have had a tough time and some rough background but i think most people (myself included) would be willing to give anyone another chance if they are serious about turning a new leaf.  That being said welcome aboard all. 

Something happened today that involves a theme developer and it really totally irritated me to no end. I had to take some time away to ponder how to react because quite frankly my first reaction was to rip someones head off <-- figure of speach,  as well as embarrass them to no end but i have learned never to go with the first impulse and to try to always remain professional as much as possible. 

So let me explain the situation and why it caused me to feel that way and why i feel that way.  A customer by the name of Richard Austin came to the forum having a problem with their theme so Darryl and Senior Developer (SD) worked thru it with the consumer and got them fixed up with some code to help their issue.  

Then come to find out that this very same customer had contacted the theme developer twice, once on may 25th and again on july 23rd asking for assistance.  And you know what this customer got, he got squat!! Nothing, no reply, no nothing, his post was just abandoned.  This is not going to cut it folks, this is not what taking care of business is all about.  And so i went to this theme developers store only to find that in one theme alone i found 21 unanswered and abandoned requests for help or otherwise, and thats just skimming the surface. That is not even reading them all, thats just the ones with no reply at all.  

So basicaly mr. developer you can thank Darryl and SD for taking care of your customer that you should have taken care of a long time ago.  They did so because they care, and because they are good people and because they understand what it takes to take care of customers.  That is why they are both leaders, among other reasons. 

And before you say it let me say i understand this is not my company, not my store, and im not in charge here and i am not trying to be in charge of how you run your store.  But i will say that i am in charge of my business and if you think for a second that this does not effect all of us then you dont understand at all. So basically you are effectively costing me customers because you wont do your job and support your product, this is what makes me so mad. 

Here is how it is... if you dont want to do business the right way then close your store and go do something else. Halfway support is not going to cut it, and mark my words one day if you keep ignoring your customers, it will not be your choice anymore to make. 

So i am asking everyone on this list and every developer who reads this, please go through every single plugin or themes you have and start replying to people and taking care of your customers because it effects all of us. 

I understand you may think, why should i, i dont make any money from support. Well here is the deal with that and ill say it as plain as i can.  Thats the way it is, if you dont like it then close your store and go somewhere else.  Maybe one day we can work out a way that we can all maybe offer a support fee after so long for a few bucks per year. But right now thats not the way it is, and the current status quo of ignoring the people that pay you for products and service is not going to stand.  

So i will leave it at that, lets all stick together, lets all take care of business and our customers and lets all be winners and turn this thing around.   I hope that everyone understands why i am so passionate about this and why this is so important for us all. 

Thanks dave.. :) 


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Sprintally® Aug 7 '16
dave Leader
dave Aug 7 '16
Great to have you aboard Sprintally Solutions nice job replying to your customers, posting notices and change logs, things like that get noticed by potential customers, it does matter.  :)

On another note  wanted to thank Ebenezer for working all day yesterday to add new features and logic to his contact plugin when he discovered there was an issue with the core version.  Thats what i mean by dedication!  Nice job big E.. ;)

Same with E Club - nice job on keeping people informed and taking care of business. 

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Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi Aug 7 '16

Welcome Sprintally Solutions. It's great to have you on board :)

Dave you deserve even a bigger thanks. What you do for this community is amazing. I don't know how you manage it all.
The Forum post is edited by Ebenezer Obasi Aug 7 '16
dave Leader
dave Aug 7 '16
Its easy there are 3 of me lol.. Thanks for the kind words. ;) 
dave Leader
dave Aug 22 '16
Can i ask all of you devs to please chime in here at this link 


with your points of view please, we really need some feedback from other developers.
Change is coming and new ideas for solutions are needed, dont let the decisions be made without your input please, now is the time to voice yourself.. 

Thanks :)  

The Forum post is edited by dave Aug 22 '16
Igor Ilic
Igor Ilic Aug 22 '16
Nina Sep 30 '16
Quote from Oxwall Accessories I have always tried to be a team player. I commit! 

Not that kind of a team player... Buyers are asking for support and help, many of your plugins are broken and no sign of life...





Can someone from Oxwall please contact this guy? 

Anitaku Sep 30 '16
Quote from dave 1. I will make sure my store products are kept up to date and in operational condition.

Quote from Oxwall AccessoriesI have always tried to be a team player. I commit! 

Nice commitment mate.. Time to update your stuff so they work.  

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