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Profile edit feature for mobile version of the software | Forum

Sri Aug 4 '16
Hi, Is there any plans to include profile edit button for mobile version of the software. This will be really helpful.
Aliya Team
Aliya Aug 4 '16
We do not have  long terms plans for this feature at this moment. But roadmap can always change.

With regards to short term plans. Next release, most likely, will concentrate more on bug fixes then new features. So profile edit feature is not likely to make it into 1.8.5 . But again, development cycle has not started yet, so we do not have even  approximate list of items that will be included in a release for sure.

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OW-Ghost Aug 4 '16
This is one of the many reason, i closed my mobile version. 

Number two reason there is little plugin support mobile version.

And if you have a skadate website like i have it is much better if you use skadate mobile apps for people that use mobile.

I have thinking IF i will buy another skadate software i will buy a responsive theme next time that support mobile and not use skadates original themes that no support mobile you need use mobile version.

I still no understand what is much better with a mobile version then a mobile responsive theme? What is the advantage to have a mobile version compared to a mobile responsive theme? more then we need wait years for this mobile version bee finished and all plugins supported?

if i understand the advantage then i will have more understanding for this mobile version....and can wait some years for it support plugins and you can edit you profile...but if the advantage is very low then i see no point have a mobile version and skalfa and oxwall stop to make mobile responsive themes out from box?

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Sri Aug 4 '16
Mobile usage gone high compared to desktops. So the website mobile version usage is higher than the desktop version. I see everyday 70-80% of website hits coming from the mobile version page. If you really want more customers to use your website, the mobile version is the way to go forward.

The mobile version is going to be the game changer. So putting effort to develop mobile version as same as Desktop version is really worth.

Just my thoughts :)
OW-Ghost Aug 4 '16
Okey then i understand little bit more....and yes it would bee very nice when it works i think i agree on that :) but we want have success before we get grey hair and still can walking.

The time is running very fast! and what i could see this big issue was not in the roadmap so sometimes i ask my self do i "have" the time or do i need enjoy my life now before i get old and fat :)

And if i want enjoy my life before i get very very old things need bee done faster when it is right now ....i know they have not people to fix everything but why not hire more people speed up things? they will success doing that and we will success to and not bee behind our competioners

someone told me they not planing hire more people so it looks okey now but if they want bee on top another gear needs for let competioners behind

last thing let me say this: i like the new update 1.8.4 and i like all new updates they are doing and i like the software very much , they are doing great work all of them! but speed is missing! or maybe speed is wrong word use more "people" is missing because i think they work as hard they can do already they who in the Team and i thank you all guys for give us great updates!

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ross Team
ross Aug 15 '16
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Sri Jan 18 '17
any update on 1.8.5 release? why this is gong to be out ? 
jahnsto Nov 15 '23
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