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InnoDB? | Forum

Jayme Jul 8 '12
My host wants to know if Oxwall requires the extension of MySQL, called InnoDB?
Michael I.
Michael I. Jul 9 '12
No, InnoDB is not used in Oxwall 1.4.
Unus Mar 3 '16
ok here's my question about this topic.

mysql server just crashed last night, don't ask why, I think my hoster had some problems and the whole box shut down unexpectedly.

now this, I know from previews experience, very often crashes the mysql myisam tables; however also from personal experience I know innodb tables are much more resilient to this kind of treatment. 

I am thinking to switch the whole oxwall db (all tables) to innodb.

do you have any experience with this? is it going to screw up the whole system?

theoretically it should not affect the system if it is designed properly and it is not relying explicitly on myisam.

so, is it safe to switch oxwal DB to innodb? yes, no? maybe some argumentation along with the yes no answer please.

The Forum post is edited by Unus Mar 3 '16
Peter Mar 3 '16
Hi, I changed DB engine to InnoDB, and I note a significant improvement in the speed of queries, because InnoDb support "row level locking" - support simultaneous write access by multiple sessions, making them suitable for multi-user, highly concurrent.

MyISAM uses "tablelevel locking" - allowing only one session to update those tables at a time. /it makes "waiting for table lock" -and that slows the query.
Marcel Mar 6 '16
I have a section on InnoDB in my database
but you can not convert everything to InnoDB
otherwise you will get error's 500 pages :)
ross Team
ross Mar 7 '16
Can you provide us the actual errors by enabling debug mode? 
Marcel Mar 7 '16
OK Ross i try later thanks
ross Team
ross Mar 8 '16
Keep us updated