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SEO and Mobile Version 1.8.4 support? - Articles | Forum

OW-Ghost Sep 13 '16

I have buy this plugin from you and now we are using version 1.8.4 with SEO tab and mobile version.

Do this plugin support both this features or is it still supports only  the1.7.4 core?

This plugin have many pages so it is importen it supports the new SEO tab same as oxwalls event plugin doing.


iDragon Solution Co., Ltd
This plugin not support for mobile version yet. And what is the new SEO tab?
OW-Ghost Sep 15 '16
Yet? it was more then a year we did have mobile version at oxwall. why are you not updating 4 times and ignore mobile version 4 times? I can understand if jump over it 1 time but you jump over it 4 times 

In 1.8.4 there is a SEO feature for meta, titles and keywords for every page did you notice that when upgrade to 1.8.4 . you plugin should support this SEO tab in admin panel because this plugin creates many pages that have no good SEO as standard and that why i was remove this plugin from my website. Many unique variables is missing that you can use in description on every page and in titles. You need learn from oxwall Team how they make good SEO on they plugins with this new SEO feature and update you plugin for support this feature.

And i can not remember if you plugin did have SEO friendly urls but if my memory not to bad you use numbers in urls for each page and that is not SEO friendly urls but maybe i wrong on this point because i was uninstall this plugin long time ago. (again i can bee wrong about urls so correct me here)

In my opinion you plugin supports only the old version 1.7.4 and you are 1 year after in time with this plugin...either you support the core 100% or you not do it...

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OW-Ghost Nov 6 '16
you only answer things you want to answer. i have follow you on topics. i fell you are one of the bad developers here at oxwall and ignore people buy you plugin.

Do not sell article plugins that have bad SEO. This plugin will make you site loose ranking at google. take you responsible and fix the plugin so it have perfect titles and descriptions 

make you plugin seo friendly or stop sell it ...my opinion

this is not a toy store for buy toys we try make business here and try success doing so

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