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Photo resolution | Forum

Ralph Weber
Ralph Weber Sep 15 '16

I've noticed that all the pictures my users upload are quite small although the original files have a much higher resolution. I know they are being resized to safe space and bandwidth but I would like to be able to specify to what size the pictures are resized. Thumbnail size is fine, but when you click a picture, we all find it's too small in the viewer.

Where in the code is that function hiding? I would like, for example, to specify that landscape pictures should be no smaller than 1200px in length and portrait pictures no smaller than 1200px in height.

Also, is there any update as to dropping from WideImage and moving to Imagemagick? I'm having color issues with WideImage, and on a site focussing on photography, that's quite relevant ;) 

many thanks in advance

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Senior Developer Leader
Senior Developer Sep 16 '16

Hi Ralph Weber,

In order to change width and height, you need to edit this file: ow_plugins/photo/bol/photo_service.php

And change this values on line 49 and 50 of that file.


To make it work with ImageMagick, there is a lot of work to make it work properly, so you need to hire a developer or do it by yourself adding such functionality.

Ralph Weber
Ralph Weber Sep 29 '16
Thanks! That worked! :)

Yeah pity that pretty much everything out there uses ImageMagick for all its obvious benefits but Oxwall is stuck on WideImage. Thanks for the headsup though. 

Norias Sep 30 '16


It coul'd be nice if some cool dev makes a plugin to switch to Imagemagick ;)
eliananova Sep 2 '22

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James Walter
James Walter Jul 3
It takes a lot of work to make it work with ImageMagick effectively, so you'll either need to hire a developer or do it yourself by adding that feature. | photo booth pittsburgh pa